A nice surprise in my Inbox

The email subject line read: Moms who are killing it in Instagram. So I had to open it. Of course I want to read about Moms who are rocking Instagram! The link lead to this: As I clicked through the gallery I was all like, yes, yes, I know that person, that person is awesome, yes I love her … Continue reading

Holding pattern

I don't know why, but I get the feeling that I'm waiting for something even though I'm not really waiting for anything. Does that sound strange or what? I have things to do but I am restless. First, an update in regards to my previous post. I fell off the wagon this weekend when confronted with … Continue reading

Reframing treats

Although I don't like to use the word diet, sometimes it's the only way to describe the actions that follow when someone realizes her pants are a little snug and she's feeling kinda bloated and yucky. It means that it's time pull back on a few things for a little while, so if we need to call it a … Continue reading