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25 Nov, 2005

Everyday beauty

Posted by andrea tomkins in: Oh! Things!

It’s funny how the teeniest of changes in the household can make the biggest difference. Small things are big things, if you know what I mean. I was thinking about this yesterday in an email exchange about those bird-shaped clothespins with Nancy. Beauty isn’t exactly associated with the tedium of laundry, is it? Perhaps that’s what makes the clothespins extra beautiful.

I’ve had this theory bubbling inside. I believe we should surround ourselves with beautiful things. I’m not just talking about artwork and expensive/coordinated furniture sets. This should apply to everyday things as well. Like the measuring cups I linked to yesterday. Why should measuring cups be boring? Why shouldn’t they be well-designed, good looking things that give you pleasure whenever you take them in your hand?

It started with my cat shoes. I love those things. Every time I put them on I feel a surge. So now, bit by bit, my theory has been extending to the things around me. It’s slow, because it’s partially a monetary thing, but it’s happening.

We bought a new shower curtain liner. (See what I mean about changing the teeny things?) My life is better because of a new shower curtain liner! Until now we’ve been using those transparent plastic liners. After a few months they get downright gross. Besides, the ones we were buying didn’t have the top holes reinforced with anything, so they would inevitably tear. They were totally disposable and we bought in batches of 3 or 4. Man, I hated those liners. They had no feel, no flexibility, no character and felt coldly industrial and slightly prison-issue. There was no satisfying whoosh, and heaven forbid that you brush your skin against it. When I closed the curtain it just hung there, like, like a HUGE PLASTIC SHEET, making me feel like a big wet n@ked side of beef.

I guess I didn’t realize how much I hated my shower curtain liner.

Mark bought a fabric liner recently. It’s polyester, in a light tan colour, and matches the general colour scheme of the actual curtain it’s paired with. It whooshes very nicely. It has a soft flow to it. It isn’t 100% waterproof but it’s not like we’re wrapping ourselves around it and immersing ourselves in a full bathtub. And it’s washable! And it’s reinforced with grommets! It is a small thing, and now my heart releases a little happy sigh when I’m in the shower.

Next post: about our new toothbrush.

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25 Nov, 2005

Everyday beauty

Posted by andrea in: Oh! Things!

Dammit. I should really start learnin’ to use that sewing machine.
Check this out. Is it or is it not the best idea EVER?

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