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28 Feb, 2006

Bugs, appliances, and other things

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Today is the fourth day of Sarah’s flu. It hasn’t been fun around here. We’ve spent many hours in front of the TV. I am exhausted and am just waiting for it to hit me next. How could it not? I can’t begin to tell you the number of times she’s sneezed or hacked all over me.

But even in amid the sea of Kleenex there are a few rays of sunshine.

Exhibit A and B:

I am the proud owner of a new handheld appliance that has now changed my life. It arrived in the mail the other day, wrapped in a long tube of brown paper. Mysterious. And then I recognized the handwriting. A ha! It was from my dear friend Cindy, who sadly (for me) and happily (for her and her hubby) moved from Toronto to a new job/home/life in the UK. I unwrapped my package to find several large sheets of gorgeous handmade paper from Vietnam. They’re so big that I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with them yet. And rolled up inside was a milk frother (much like the one pictured in this post). Woo hoo! And it works great. If you don’t have one of these do yourself a favour and pick one up. It can be used to mix up small amounts of other things – like whipped cream or salad dressing – which is great because we make our own salad dressing around here all the time.

And it makes my everyday coffee soooo special. Thanks Cindy, I miss you already.

Exhibit C:

I won a raffle prize at the Spins & Needles one-year anniversary event last Saturday. I left early and entrusted my tickets to one of my tablemates Lesley B., who later emailed to let me know I won a $25.00 gift certificate from a cool store on Dalhousie called Soho Betty. Yay for me! And thank you to Lesley for your upstanding scruples.

Exhibit D:

I wrote a piece about Artist Trading Cards for Maisonneuve magazine. And it’s finally out on the newsstands. Although I got a sneak preview of it, I am really pleased with how the finished piece turned out. Call me vain, but I will never tire of seeing my name in print. It also contains a great piece by a friend of mine, Anita Lahey, where she writes about her visit to Poland and how she wrestled with the Catholic faith that’s all around her.

Ok. I’m off to get another cup of foamy coffee and watch Pinky-Dinky-Doo with Sarah and our new friend, the box of Kleenex.

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