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14 Apr, 2019

18 and three days

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If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you already know that the youngest daughter turned 18 this week. Honestly, I don’t know how we got here. She used to be a small baby!

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Happy birthday to my baby girl. She is 18 today!

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This is the year that Mark and I become the parents of two Young Adults. The eldest will be turning 20 in May. 20!

When the girls were small I went into lots of detail about their birthday parties. This was mostly done as a matter of family record and although those blog posts may only be interesting only to myself, I’m glad I wrote them. So I’m here to jot down what this birthday milestone looked like here at Casa Fishbowl.

There was no birthday party. At least not the kind of birthday party with guests and loot bags. Obv.

After her driver’s test was cancelled due to bad weather she rebooked it for April 11, her birthday. So for a few hours that afternoon both of us were a tangled mess of anxiety. But there’s good news! She got her license! And she’s been disappearing with our car every day since then.

We celebrated her birthday last weekend with my in-laws. She requested a fave dish – shrimp in garlic butter sauce  – and I picked up a key lime pie for dessert from Thyme & Again. There was no cake on her actual birthday, but there were gifts. We bought her a pair of Doc Marten platform boots (as per her request). As a future world traveller, she also received a Lonely Planet guide to the world and iron-on Canada Day patches for her backpack and luggage (thank you World of Maps), and a framed print and laptop sticker from Makerhouse.

Dinner out is always the choice of the birthday boy or girl. More often than not, this dinner tends to be sushi but she wanted to dine in Gatineau so we went to Les Brasseurs du Temps. Sidebar: it’s a good destination with a great beer menu. It’s even better in the summer! We shared some deep-fried cheese curds to start. Mark ordered the fish and chips, I had a veggie sandwich with sweet potato fries (SO.GOOD.), and the youngest had steak frites, which got a thumbs up.

She ordered a Mojito (go figure) and Mark and I enjoyed a variety of craft brews.

For dessert, we bought some macarons from Quelque Chose Patisserie and devoured them at home while settled comfortably on the couch watching the show finale of Community. It was all in all, a very memorable birthday for my baby. And in celebration, I present to you a very early blog post … in which we welcomed Sarah to the world. Almost all of the links in that post are dead (my deep archives are a mess) but you’ll get the picture.

2 Responses to "18 and three days"

1 | Ailhen

April 14th, 2019 at 2:56 pm


Two things.
It’s licence in Canada. ?
Wondering if it’s an advantage or disadvantage to travel with a Canadian flag prominently displayed. The world has changed since 9-11. What does Global Affairs recommend?

2 | a peek inside the fishbowl » Blog Archive Thoughts from a parenting blogger of older teens young adults - a peek inside the fishbowl

April 17th, 2019 at 4:48 pm


[…] the end of my previous post I linked to a very old blog post, an 18-year-old blog post, to be exact. It’s so old […]

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