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18 Feb, 2017

Weekend reading: February 18 edition

By andrea tomkins in Weekend reading

17 Feb, 2017

Make this clam chowder!

By andrea tomkins in Recipes and Food

I’ve had a hankering for clam chowder but kept putting it off. For some reason, I thought that clam chowder was a complicated dish that possibly involved shucking clams (does one shuck clams?) and loads of time spent simmering and stirring. I wanted chowder, badly, but didn’t feel like investing time in chowder, no matter how much I craved it.

On a whim, I decided to do a quick search for an easy New England clam chowder recipe and this one came up.

Clam chowder recipe!

It’s a keeper!

Worth noting (and not in the original recipe), I added a fresh tilapia filet I nabbed on sale just to give this chowder a bit of heft. (I just cut it up into smaller pieces and added it in near the end while it was simmering.) Next time I will add fewer potatoes and chop them a bit smaller.

I served it up with some bacon and a sprinkle of green onion on top. We ate it with thick slices of buttered baguette and it was PERFECTION.

It was exactly what I was craving and tasted great. It’s a perfect winter meal and this recipe was very quick and easy to pull together. Even better, my eldest suddenly decided she liked clam chowder. The takeaway: MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN.

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15 Feb, 2017

Found Day

By andrea tomkins in Ottawa

Every second Tuesday is my day. My. Day. The newspaper is finalized and sent to the printer’s every second Monday, so the day after is my opportunity to decompress. As you can imagine, this is easier said than done. Sometimes my Tuesday is the only available day for a meeting or I get caught up in errands, but I do try my darndest to keep it clear. You see, I’ve decided that every second Tuesday is the day I devote to filling up my vessel. (This is something I wrote about awhile back in regards to writer’s block. You can read that right here.)

Regular Fishbowl readers might recall the Lost Day I had last week. Well, yesterday I decided to reclaim that day and even out the tally.

After my usual morning routine, I picked myself up, got in the car, and made my way downtown to the National Gallery. Mind you, the siren song of my book (The Witches of New York, it’s soooo gooood!) and the promise of hot beverages and fuzzy blankets was very hard to resist, but I ignored that feeling and set out anyway.

Spoiler alert: I was very happy I did.

At the National Gallery

I started my solitary, leisurely stroll through the Alex Janvier exhibition. Janvier is a contemporary indigenous artist whose work will challenge any preconceived notion you might have about aboriginal art. (By the way, he’s the fellow who designed and painted the gorgeous artwork on the domed ceiling of the Museum of History in Gatineau.)

Alex Janvier at the National Gallery


Next up: a thoughtful exhibition of the photos of Josef Sudek (1896–1976), a.k.a the “poet of Prague.” My favourite photos were his historical views of Prague, but that’s really only scratching the surface of his body of work:

Photo of Prague by Joseph Sudek.

I took a break for lunch at the cafeteria. Have you ever been? The food is good and reasonably priced. I had an apple/brie panini, a bag of chips, and a coffee for about ten bucks.

Lunch at the National Gallery

This pretty view of a snow-covered Parliament Hill was included in the lunch (what a deal!):

View from the National Gallery

After lunch, I went to visit some old friends…


.. and then settled down for some quiet contemplation in the main foyer. There were a bunch of great big red chairs facing Parliament Hill, with wide curving backs that went up higher than my head. A young couple snuggled in one of these chairs on my left, and there was a breastfeeding mother on the right. What a lovely space.

I, too, enjoyed a bright and sunny view while I wrote this blog post. :)

Quiet time at the National Gallery

As I sat there and looked out over this snowy corner of Ottawa, I listened to the quiet hum of people around me and thought about how good it felt to reclaim this day. I was reminded that I am ultimately the master of my own time, and that the Found Days outnumber Lost Days, by far.


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