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22 Oct, 2004

News of the Schmooze

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So … earlier this week K. and I went to an event at a swank downtown martini bar. It was billed as a women’s networking event. I liked this idea. After all, how often do we get to do this kind of thing? And I am, after all, ahem, a female businessperson.

I’ll admit, I stressed about it a little bit. I’m not sure why, but in my mind I had positioned this thing as A Possibly Career Altering Event. Last week I decided that I would get my hair cut on The Day. Lately I have been much to shaggy for my liking. Chop chop.

So why why why did I let her try something new? (Did I mention that my hairdresser coloured her hair fire engine red and black-as-black-in-the-night-black? Yes, you read that right: two tone hair. Amazingly enough it actually looked good on her) Really, I should have just gone for the same as before. BUT, silly ol’ trusting ol’ me.

“Let’s try something CURLY,” she suggested.
“Sure!” I said, clearly stunned by the shampooing and head lathering I had just received.

Forty-five minutes later, I would say that my hair looked more messy than curly. It looked like I rolled out of bed, even more so than usual! And that says a lot about the daily appearance of my hair.

Hair aside, I did an awful lot of prepping that day. Wardrobe was planned/purchased/prewashed. Looked fine. Unruly hair was pulled into a loose clip at the back. But then it came down to footwear. The time to leave was drawing near. The decision was causing me some paralysis and Mark wasn’t being very helpful in this department. HELP ME DECIDE! Demure yet funky regular shoes or power boots? I had to convince myself, but in the end the boots won. Here’s a pic.


So there it is. :)

The evening is a bit of a blur, but in the end it was really just lots of chatter between K. and I and not much networking. I think this was a bit of a failure on the part of the organizers. Why not furnish guests with “Hello my name is…” tags? I know they clash horribly with whatever outfit you might have, but at least it gives people a way to start a conversation with you.

“Hey, you’re Sue? And you own a sex shop? DO TELL!”

I never know what to write on those tags. Name: job. What is it that I do again? Oh yeah. :)

Really, all this was … was a bar full of women, a few of whom had tables set up to sell their wares to other women.

The highlights:

* a huuuuuge chocolate fountain. Only in my dreams have I seen such a fantabulous contraption. If it had been around during our wedding I would have rented one and exhanged vows beside it. Imagine, a three tier fountain of liquid milk chocolate, choice of fruits to stab and dip (cherries, strawberries, bananas), as well as pretzels, chips and graham crackers. I’m not sure about chocolate-covered chips, but the pretzels were very good. I could hardly tear myself away.

* Cake sample from The Girl With the Most Cake. Yummy. I would have loved a chartreuse-coloured cake at my wedding. Right beside the chocolate fountain.

* Free drinks from coltish server boys. I think they were afraid of me.

Anyway, it was fun. Perhaps next year I’ll bring my own “Hello my name is” sticker. What do you think?

1 Response to "News of the Schmooze"

1 | FabGirlie

October 26th, 2004 at 8:53 am


Awwww…you are adorable! Sounds like a fun night, too. Any night is fun when YOU GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!


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