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22 Jan, 2006

a new thing to report

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At times I find myself reflecting on how fortunate I am. It’s something I should remember and consider every day, but for some reason or another I don’t. But you know what? I’ve got it pretty good. I have a wonderful husband. He’s my best friend. He’s funny, smart and kind. And cute! Boy is he cute. Husband has a reliable full-time job in a career in which he is firmly entrenched. The job has benefits, and a pension, and he brings home enough bacon to allow me to work from home AND take care of two loving and perfectly hilarious and well-rounded (not to mention terribly cute) young daughters.

Workwise I’ve got it pretty good too. Freelance work tends to fall in my lap… whether it’s writing, web design, or photography, and it is almost always the kind of project that interests and challenges me. Opportunities pop into my Inbox unexpectedly, peek at me around corners or meet me on the street. Things happen. Good things happen! And then there are the people I know who also help make things happen.

This thing called the World Wide Web is a wonderful grapevine.

Caroline is a regular reader and all-round good person. Regular readers might recognize her name from comments in past postings. And she sent me snacks! I have a huge soft spot for people who send me things. Especially food.

Caroline works at CTV Ottawa. One of her co-workers is Leanne Cusack. Ottawans will know that Leanne is the amiable host of CTV Ottawa’s noonday show. I don’t know how it came about, but somehow they got to talking about blogs. And me. And blogs. And me! So imagine my surprise when the phone rings and it’s her – Leanne – on the other end. She introduced herself, and told me about her idea.

Talking to Leanne is like talking to a friend. She is very friendly. And she’s one of those people who sound like they’re smiling on the other end of the line. And thus I couldn’t help but grin like a crazy person the whole time we were talking. Her enthusiasm is positively infectious.

Would I like to be interviewed for a piece about blogging?

In my head I was saying: ACK! No! Not meeeeeee! I caaaaaaan’t!

I had a sudden and clear vision of myself fainting at the very beginning of the interview, clonking my head on a piece of the set on the way down. The blood from my noggin soaking the electrical cords and causing a fire that burned the entire building down.

Or worse, I could babble incoherently and sound like a complete doofus.

How many people watch the show? I have no idea. Fifty, sixty thousand?

Leanne assured me that they could pre-tape the interview (good!) at my house (great!) and could we please have my children in attendance too? (Hmmmm.) I’m still uncertain about being interviewed with the kinder running around underfoot. Sarah’s my biggest worry. She tends to speak totally off-topic, no matter what question is asked of her.

Leanne: “So, Sarah, what do you think of your mummy telling stories about you on her website?”
Sarah: “I-saw-a-movie-called-March-of-the-Penguins-and-there’s-this-part-where-the–mummy-penguin-gets-EATEN-BY-A-SEAL!”

Leanne, for the first time in her professional career, will be rendered speechless and I will turn forty shades of purple and be left floundering for an explanation.

Emma will either be shy or cute. I don’t know.

Somewhere in Leanne and my initial conversation we talked about other local bloggers joining the interview. I knew whom I would ask: Kristina, my friend IRL and lover of various technological gadgetry; Dani, fellow mom, smart as a whip, whose blog I check faithfully; and Robyn aka mintyfresh, music lover and all-round crafty gal who does magical things with a sewing machine.

So we’re all in this together now. Happily enough, everyone said yes! Everyone will be coming here Thursday morning (the 26th), and the piece will go to air sometime during the noonday show that same day.

Frankly, I’m terrified. Our place is tiny. I am terribly unphotogenic. I have no idea what to wear. I suck at spoken witticisms. My ultimate fear is that I will turn into a mute vegetable with a sudden case of the itchies. God save us all.

I would like to say however, despite my initial misgivings, I am very glad that this opportunity found me. And who knows what it could lead to?

So keep your fingers crossed. And if you are so inclined, I could use as many tips or words of encouragement you could toss my way. ;)

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