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26 Jul, 2006

Why I will never buy a Maytag product ever again

Posted by andrea tomkins in: Misc. life

Update: December 31, 2006

I’m updating this post because I continue to get a lot of hits regarding the mold issues with the Maytag Neptune frontloaders. I can’t believe this problem was so wipespread.

I never heard back re: the letter I emailed to the Ottawa Citizen (below). We had to suck up the $300 repair and left it at that.

The repairman offered some sage points regarding the upkeep of front end washing machines. I’ve followed his advice religiously and I think it’s working.

1. Use two tablespoons of liquid detergent per load. Yes, you read that right. TWO TABLESPOONS. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? He said that we don’t need to use detergents marked “high efficiency” because it’s the same stuff but in a different concentration. So I measured two tablespoons into a shot glass (it didn’t quite fill it) and use the shot glass to measure the correct amount of detergent each time I wash.

Using more detergent doesn’t mean your clothes get any cleaner. In fact, the opposite happens. And in the case of frontloaders, the residue from the soap (mixed with, um, dead skin cells and other dirt) will form a mucky substance that will clog the drainage hole of the washer. Trust me. I’ve seen it.

2. Keep the door to your washer open when you’re not using it. This will allow for increased air circulation and will prevent that musty buildup.

3. Do a load of laundry in hot water every once in awhile. The hot water will help wash the yucky residue away.

4. Some people say to wipe the inside of the machine down after each use. I don’t bother, but it might be a good idea.

5. There is a way to remove the front panel and clean out of the holes where the water drains. There are instructions online if you want to do this yourself.

That’s it. Good luck with your Maytag. I for one will NEVER buy one again, and will continue to counsel everyone I know not to buy one either. As far as I’m concerned they manufactured a poor product and should have either (a) recalled it or (b) honoured requests to have the Neptune products fixed or replaced no matter how much time elapsed since the initial purchase.

(this is a copy of a letter emailed to Tony Cote of the Ottawa Citizen)

Remember the image of the lonely Maytag repairman? How cleverly he’s been seared into our collective brains! He’s proof that marketing works. We bought a Maytag washing machine because we thought it was going to last us half a lifetime. We were wrong. And we are so disappointed that we are never buying a Maytag product again and counseling others to do the same.

The backstory:

About seven years ago we decided to replace our washer and dryer. It was an old pair? part of the deal when we moved into this house of ours. They were functional, but ancient and probably not energy efficient.

We knew we had to upgrade. There were going to be babies on the scene. Our shopping criteria was this:

– a quality product
– energy/water efficient
– large capacity
– gentle on clothes (I was tired of the pile of “handwashables” in the bottom of my closet. If I didn’t get a laundry machine with a handwash cycle I knew those clothes weren’t going to see the light of day again.)

We shopped it around and ended up at the Pinecrest Sears.

We were interested in the Maytag Neptune, which appeared to satisfy all of our desires in a washing machine. It came with a matching dryer as well.

I distinctly remember looking at the unit very carefully. We were newlyweds, without a lot of spare money. There was a woman looking at the same machine.

“I love Maytag,” she confessed. “I’ve had one for twenty years and I’ve never had a problem with it.”

I joked with her. “You’re planted here by the Maytag people right?”

Of course she wasn’t. But it solidified in my mind that Maytag was a great product.

The salesman approached and gave us the pitch. He also tried to sell the next model up from this one, the very top of the line. I asked him what the difference was. Nothing, he said, other than the fact that it had extra drainage holes. I asked if drainage was a problem with the model we were looking at. He said there wasn’t.

We bought the pair and it cost us over $2500.

It wasn?t long after we started using the washer that we noticed the clothes sometimes had a musty smell, and we started leaving the door open after washes to give the washer time to dry out. There was always a bit of standing water in the those drain holes near the door. But even with leaving the door open there was often a trace musty smell if the laundry wasn’t removed right away.

My husband Mark researched this problem on the Internet and found out there was a class-action lawsuit in the US. Maytag had designed a faulty product and a lot of other people were demanding Maytag do something about the problem.

Then a couple months ago the washer gave up the ability to spin the water out of the laundry.

It’s been an uphill battle ever since.

We took action to try to get this problem solved. First and foremost, Mark called Sears. Sears has refused to stand by the product they sold to us. We were told to call Maytag because it was their problem. Maytag told us to call a special number for the class action lawsuit. There was a website, but it was full of legalese that was really difficult to wade through. Surprisingly we read that if our washer was deemed unfixable they’d replace it with a top-loader, not a front-loader which was practically the whole point of our making the purchase in the first place.

Mark printed out the proper forms and sat down with them. According to the documentation, Maytag would fix the drainage problem, as well as the motor, but only if the motor had failed before February 2006.

We were honest and said that we’ve had the musty problem for years, but that the motor had failed after February. The drainage would be fixed. But because the circuit board had failed after February, the repair cost us $344. The sad part is that when my husband learned about the class action lawsuit in the United States (about a year ago) to see if we could fix the mold and mildew problems, he called Sears to ask about it. They told him that the class action suit did not apply to Canada. At that point we figured that if we wanted it fixed we would have pay for it ourselves. But we couldn’t afford it at that time.

It wasn’t until the machines stopped going into spin cycle we started researching the problem again and discovered that there was also a Canadian class action suit but unfortunately we were too late because our washer’s circuit board had failed after the February 2006 deadline. Class Action suit aside, we feel that Maytag should still recognize that they have built a faulty product and supply us with a new circuit board.

It’s taken weeks to get to this point. As a family of four it’s been distressing to be without in-house laundry facilities. (Thankfully my in-laws have been accommodating and have been letting do our laundry at their place.)

We are disappointed by all of this.

#1 – Sears. For selling us a lousy product, and not offering us any support or compensation.

#2 – Maytag. I expected that our washing machine was going to last a long time. Is it now naive to assume that if you’re going to spend the big bucks you’re going to get a quality product? I don’t want to buy things that are just going to end up in a landfill a few years later. It’s Maytag!

The image of that lonely Maytag repairman has been so firmly ground into our collective subconscious that we assumed we were getting a good product ? one that has been tested and checked and double checked before it’s released to the public, AND that they’d do the honourable thing and fix it if there was a problem. Don’t they have a responsibility to the consumer?

That $344 was a lot of money for us to spend, but we had no choice but to get it repaired.

I don’t know if there’s a resolution. And perhaps it’s too late. But we would appreciate any help or guidance you can offer at this point.

This is the website for the class action suit:


Edited to add:

Here are some other sites that talk about the same problem.


and here

and here . There are so many I can’t even list them all.


36 Responses to "Why I will never buy a Maytag product ever again"

1 | J Street

September 26th, 2006 at 8:36 pm


My experience with this Maytag is the poor manufacturing of the Control Board. The wax motor that engages the door lock had failed. As a result, it smoked the control board. Why? Because one of the most basic rules in electronics was violated. Anyone who knows electronics would know that a motor is not wired directly into a control board but requires a relay. But the relay that is on this particular board does not service the wax motor for the door. Nice going Maytag.

By the way, the service for this machine is just as poor. I’ve been on the phone for over 45 minutes waiting for a supervisor while I type this message. Unbelievable! Right now, I am out of $1000.00. Buy anything but a Maytag.

Their dishwasher is also a disappointment. You need to wash the dishes before you wash the dishes in the dishwasher. Maybe they should of called it the dish sanitizer which is all it basically does.

2 | Sandy

November 28th, 2006 at 3:12 pm


I purchased a Neptune Washer and Dryer two years ago. Unbeknown to me, there was at that time a class action lawsuit going on. When I phoned Maytag to get some advice with the mold forming on the gasket and door, I was not obviously told that I could have had it replaced free during the time I phoned!!! We would not have been notified either because we were not the original owners. I feel very upset!

3 | Mr. Armond Cannella

March 7th, 2007 at 11:17 am


My wife and I bouhgt a Neptune set in 1999, had problems with the washer ever since. Bought their warranty every two years and it cost the warranty folks much more than the cost of the warranty for the washer, dropped the one for the dryer as it never dried properly although all venting short run and solid pipe. Energy saver? Nope, have to run it twice to dry and then it does a poor job, however, the gently cycle dries things better. The washer after costing the warranty company $1200 this year canceled our policy and returned us $250.00. I’ve been fixing it and it now has a bad motor pump, plus the stink, although the door is always left open. I filed the papers with the court and joined the class action, never heard anything from the court. We’ve been shopping for a new washer, and pretty much have settled on buying Whrilpool Model WFW8500SR. They as the new owners of the Maytag product line, I hope they don’t have the same or similar problems! We’re now going to be 2 tone, one white washer and one Almond dryer, that’s untill we get enough money saved to dump the Maytag dryer.

Armond Cannella

4 | n habkirk

March 10th, 2007 at 2:37 pm


I just saw an ad in the newspaper for the recall on my dishwasher. I do not even have a kitchen sink, and they are recommmending I turn the power to my dishwasher off? Like others, the reason I bought Maytag was because I believed it to be a superior product. While perusing the Maytag site looking for an email address (there isn’t one), I saw that they will send a repair part and then I have to have a service call for someone to put it in, or I can buy a new (their’s of course) dishwasher and they’ll give me $75 back…wow! how generous of them. so, if I keep using my dishwasher and my house burns down, what happens then? I am so annoyed with them. I also have the Neptune front-loading washer and dryer. I will NEVER buuy Maytag again. Since the merger, they seem like they don’t care at all.

5 | Bryan

April 29th, 2007 at 6:15 pm



Through my search on the web, I came across your site in which you describe the same probelm I’m having.

I’ve just experienced the “door lock” problem with the Maytag Neptune I purchased in 2001.

I’ve also noticed the musty smell but never did anything about it.

Now my wife and I are faced with either repairing our 6 year old washer…or simply buying a replacement.

We’re you satisfied with the repair work that was performed? Since I live in Ottawa, too, would you mind telling which business did the repairs?

You mentioned that you needed a circuit board replaced…is this how they fixed the “door latch” problem. And, how did they resolve the musty odor smell?

I know we’ll have to pay for all the work out of our own pockets…have any idea how much I’m looking at for my two problems? I’d really hate to fork out a lot of money just to have something else go wrong with the machine in the near future…with the age of my washer it’s hitting that time where normal problems can happen (i.e. motor, belts). Buying a new machine now might be money better spent.

Thanks for any insight you may be able to provide.

6 | Cynthia Penny

June 27th, 2007 at 10:55 pm


I purchased a maytag Neptune in 2004 it has been terrible. Our clothes smell all the time and I use the HE detergent and they still smell. And the other thing it is horriable it feel as it is going to shake our house down when it spins. It bounces all over the floor. It is terrible it is so heavy to push back in place. They keep telling us it is because the floor isn’t level or the floor is rotten. The only problem with that is my husband is a floorman he installs floors for a living. There is nothing wrong with my floor and every time we level the washing machine it works fine for maybe 1 or 2 loads and then here this maytag thing is in the middle of the floor when it goes off. They told me to stop the washer half way the spin cycle and restart it. I don’t think so. The reason I paid so much for this washer was to have a good washer that would last a long time. Not so. Because, today I am looking a new washer only 2 years later. I now have a error code flashing on my washer and no one can tell me what it means. I hope I can find a better washer than the Maytag Neptune. Just for fun—- This washing machine has bounced so much that we named it bessie the bouncing machine.

7 | Greg parfitt

September 4th, 2007 at 9:26 pm



I sent an e-mail to Herman. It appears he can repair the board, give a guarantee and supply the wax motor for $68.00 Canadian, shipping included–I now have the burnt out board(Resistor 11 tells you exactly the problem as herman outlines on his web page).
Hope this helps

8 | Lynn

September 19th, 2007 at 10:20 am


In 2003 we bought our first home, which came with a beautiful set of Maytag Neptune Washer and Dryer, we though we hit the jackpot as they were only a two years old and in beautiful condition…well in 2005 we became part of the Class Action suit for the washer smell issue – It all started with a survey we filled in where I checked off that there was an odour/mildew smell in the drum of the washer. We later received a letter outling the Class Action Suit and filled in ALL the papers and submitted them accordingly. In June 2006 we received a voucher for $1000 towards the purchase of a TOP LOAD Maytag Neptune Washer…the whole point of buying the front loader was for energy efficiency and because we have a cabinet that encased the machines so as to use the space for folding, etc… I fought tooth and nail to get them to provide us with an exception and to let us use the $1000 towards a front loader…In the end they did, but now I am kicking myself as our new washer, which is just shy of one year old IS STARTING to have the SAME SMELL again….s@#$

When I called the warranty line this morning the service person said, and I quote “That is an unusual problem with these machines” I almost laughed out loud and proceeded to inform her that I had been a participant in the class action suit. Suddenly her voice changed and she was very quiet… She scheduled a service call for September 24th…we’ll see what they have to say at that point, but let me tell you that I will NOT go through this again and will NEVER EVER buy a Maytag product again…

As a footnote I always though that I was loading up the dryer with too many clothes, but after reading the above comments I am lead to believe that perhaps it is an issue with the dryer and NOT the user…

9 | Lynn

September 24th, 2007 at 1:32 pm


Well the service technician came and went this morning… Apparently Whirlpool has bought over Maytag since the beginning of this year. The motor for the model of Maytag Neptune washer we bought last September was made by…get this…Samsung…yup Samsung

The Technician informed us that there is a new product that has hit the market in the States and is set to be sold in Canada within the next couple of weeks that will get rid of the musty mildew smell. You need to go to http://www.affresh.com and type in the part number W10135699 – it will cost $6.99 for three tablets. For the initial use you need to use two tablets on your hottest cycle (Whites) and let it run, no clothes, just with the tablets to completion. Then in another 3-4 months you repeat but with only one tablet… Hopefully this works and helps some of you out. You can also call 1-800-807-6777 and ask for the parts department and order via the telephone.

Note – you can not order on-line right away as it is not yet in Canada, but can order via the telephone – it will cost you $6.99 in shipping and then $6.99 (plus tax) for each 3 tablet package

10 | Shari

September 28th, 2007 at 9:26 am


Try this:

I work for a service department in Michigan. I know all about the issues with the front loaders,
All front loaders will have the musty mildew smell.
This is what i do to mine once a month
Run 2 tablespoons of powder dishwasher detergent with a cup of bleach on hottest cycle. Make sure you wipe the rubber boot and door down after every use. And the door must remain open when not in use.
Not had a problem with mine yet on smell.

11 | Armond Cannella

October 12th, 2007 at 8:54 am


I wound up parting out my Maytag Neptune, never got a cent from the lawsuit, and I still have the dryer, and tried to sell for $90.00, NO TAKERS.

Bought Whirlpool Cabrio Washer) TWISTED EVERYTHING LIKE ROPE, ALSO A OUT OF BALANCE DANCER, NEEDED TO BLOCK IT IN PLACE) and Dryer, (REQUIRED 2-3 DRYING CYCLES TO GET CLOTHES DRY, ENERGRY SAVERS, BS!) BOTH turned out to be no better than Maytag junk. Dealer took them back 20% returns, but ok as I consider like rental. Got New Whirlpool WTW 5600 washer & WGD dryer, time will tell, just 1 day and I see better than the HIGH PRICE HIPPED CABRIO, 2 LOADS NO KNOTS, ONLY 1 DRY CYCLE FOR EACH LOAD. GOT FINGERS CROSSED!

12 | Nestor

November 17th, 2007 at 8:15 pm


After my maytag washer MAH4000AWW wouldn’t spin last weeks ago. A local technician told me if the Door light indicator was off then it could be the circuit board and the wax motor was the problem. That was the reason it does not go into spin cycle. So here what it would cost 12002535 Wax Motor Kit $ 10.33 plus Lifetime Warranty $ 2.58 and 22002989 Control Board $ 174.95 plus Lifetime Warranty $ 43.74 plus s/h total $ 247.55 You need the Lifetime Warranty
The tech says that moisture gets into the wax motor- this eventually blows resistor R11 in your control board and cuts off power to your door lock. After repair, I took Shari advice, Use TILEX Mildew regularly on the seal door or once a month, Run 2 tablespoons of powder Dishwasher detergent with a cup of bleach on hottest cycle. Make sure you wipe the rubber boot and door down after every use. And the door must remain open when not in use.
Bottom line no more Maytag Product ever again!

13 | peter

November 23rd, 2007 at 9:15 pm


We are haveing the rubber boot replaced by Sears this Week end for the mildew on the Neptune. We never received any class action notice. I wonder why as after reading into this we are no longer able to exclude ourselves either. cost 272 dollars, and yes there is water in the tank after washing. Ours is about five years old. Anyone else in the same situation. I dont know who to call? as I found out about the lawsuit on November 23 2007.

14 | Joseph B

November 28th, 2007 at 9:32 am


We recently bought a resale home and we inherited the Neptune with it. Our clothes smell of mildew so my husband researched the net to find a solution. That is when he discovered the facts about the problem with Neptune that has been established. It is unbelievable that a company like Maytag does not seem to be taking full responsibitly of their products as they owe it to the people who paid money out of trust for their name. Are there no laws to protect consumer interest in these type of situations?

15 | CathyM

December 17th, 2007 at 8:01 pm


Yes, I’ve had all the complaints shown above. I called Maytag but of course, that went nowhere. I was too late for the lawsuit. Maytag is not required to notify anyone about the class action suit. I am about to once again put out another $300+ in repairs. The latest problem is the circuit board issue so many other are complaining about. This will bring my Neptune repairs up to $1100.00! I can offer one piece of advise about the mildew smell. Switch to powder detergent. It does eventually help the smell. Rest assured, my new frenchdoor, water/ice in the door refrigerator is not a MAYTAG!

16 | Kat

January 29th, 2008 at 2:36 pm


I purchased my Maytag Neptune in Nov. 2001. I also have the ongoing mold/stinky smell issue that everyone else reports. All of the letters above I could have written!! I too was too late for the Class Action lawsuit and received nothing but “advise” which hasn’t helped in the slightest. Over the weekend my spin cycle stuck – LR error. The repairman today gave me an estimate for nearly $500 – 1/2 the cost of my $1000 machine, purchased purely on the REPUTATION OF MAYTAG!! I was sick and tired of having to purchase a new washer every few years. My latest problem is with the SPEED CONTROL BOARD (open fuse). The fix is a new motor and control board – part $316, repair $137 = $453. I will be shopping for a new washer today and it WON’T be a MAYTAG! I’m sick of the smell and now this – last straw. I can’t even find a phone number that will even connect me with anyone at Maytag – only service. The number service gave me for Maytag is a bad number. I won’t buy a Maytag EVER AGAIN!

17 | Herman Roy Goetjen

February 3rd, 2008 at 4:50 pm


IMHO I like the Maytag Neptune. It really does use less water, and a lot less dryer time. We have a gas dryer that was in this house when we purchased it. It is on a 20 gallon propane bottle (the only thing on that bottle). The original owner had a top loader washing machine and said that we would need to refil the propane bottle about every 3 months or so. (same size and age family) With the Neptune so far I am averaging 18 months between Propane fill up.

Ok, now for some of your problems. Maytag’s 800 number is 1-800-668-9900. If you have a motor failure (the motor control board failing indicates a motor failure too) there is a 10 year parts only warrantee on the motor. call the 800# and explain that your motor has failed, and they will send you “motor kit, Maytag PN 12002039” which has a new style motor , new style motor controller, new bushings and and installation instructions. If you would rather have an authorized repairman do the work, you can still get the parts free. The biggest problem here is the repair shop doesn’t like warrantee work because they do not earn any markup n free parts.

As for the control board, most of the problems, and fixes are discribed on my private Maytag web page at http://www.goetjen.com/maytag.htm. The parts needed, and why. if you have a different problem, just ask, I would be happy to work out what the problem is with you and what you might need to to repair your machine.

I will also be happy to repair and guarrantee the main cntrol board for you if you would like. I’ve repaired over 1000 boards for the 2000 series to the 5500A series, in the last 5 years, and had 5 repeat failures, only one repeat since the new style wax motor came out. All were repaired for a second time for shipping cost only.

The PN for the new style Wax motor is 12002535, and it is something you might want to replace as a preventitive measure. The new wax motor has been filled with silicone to help keep it from arcing.

For the tub mold problem, what I do is run bleach through the tub about every 6 months, whipe down the boot after every use, and I also leave the soap dispensor door open to allow some air inside.

18 | Jeff

April 24th, 2008 at 12:04 pm


You can get a Neptune R11 & Q6 repair kit with the 12002535 wax motor from http://www.neptunewaxmotor.com.

They also have the bearing & seal kit so you can save even more money and fix your Neptune when the bearing goes out. Your Neptune will get really loud during the high speed spin cycle when the bearings are starting to fail.

You will want to repair bearings soon as you notice the loud spin cycle so you don’t damage the spinner support assembly which is part of the shaft that goes through the bearings.

19 | anonamous

April 28th, 2008 at 7:15 pm


I have had my Neptune for 8 years now and not a problem I find it a bit distressing to find all of you have had such problems

20 | john miller

July 29th, 2008 at 8:05 pm


Our Maytag Neptune stopped spinning last night, and sure enough, it was the R11 resistor/wax motor issue.
After several phone calls (and Maytag was no help) I found Herman Roy Goetjen’s site, and I can’t imagine a more helpful, single site to resolve this problem. Has anyone had any luck with Maytag, after the deadline for the class action lawsuit has passed? We never heard of it, but from what I now know, this whole thing stinks!

21 | Joe

September 30th, 2008 at 9:34 pm


The Maytag Atlantis is no better!! Check out my headache (literally!) with this mold-growing machine here:


I posted a fix (and it saved me a $300+ service call!!) for this problem on Fixya.com . Maytag designers are either lazy or just plain stupid.

I hope this helps any other Maytag sufferers out there!

22 | Steph

October 11th, 2008 at 12:13 pm


Thank you Andrea!

Never had the time to investigate the problem
and always though I had setup wrong, etc

This clarify a lot and will start shopping for a
new washer.

23 | anna visconti

January 22nd, 2009 at 5:29 pm


I just joined the Sears sucker lineup we have a top loader and now 3 yrs later the repair bill is $500.00 and it never worked right. I replaced a perfectly 15yr old washer that I would pay the $500.00 to get it back before I fix this piece of $%^%%^%. We too ased Sears if they ever had a problem and they lied.

24 | Vickey Scott

October 22nd, 2009 at 9:51 am


As of Oct 9,2009 most of the moving parts in my Neptune have stopped moving, the shaft, bearings & seals, and it smells to boot Maytag has giving me the opportuniyt to pay them to replace my 2 year old washing machine the amount of $400.00 and they will deliver me a new washing machine, how gracious. I bought this thing when they knew they were a piece of trash. I along with most other consumers thought we were buying a trust worthy product, but never again.

25 | JOE T

February 24th, 2010 at 1:56 pm


In fairness to maytag, I had one in my house for over 24 years. The only part I replaced was a 75 cent rubber bushing. This was however a top loader, I would never buy a front loader. I am again buying another maytag top loader and hope to have as much luck with it as the one before.

26 | Greg G

March 21st, 2010 at 5:19 pm


I am sorry to hear of all the problems with the Maytag Neptune appliances.
We have had our Maytag top loader washer for 30 years and never had a repair to it. We also had our Maytag dryer for 25 years and no repairs to it as well.

27 | thomas p

March 31st, 2010 at 7:43 pm


I am a frustrated and distressed owner of 5 Maytag appliances. Washer/dryer, Stove, Fridge and Dishwasher. I am lucky that my Neptune washer lasted almost 11 years before the spin cycle died (along with thw control board R11 resister and wax motor). I feel very sad that a company that built its name on such quality and long hassle free ownership could allow itself to come to this.
Only the Neptune dryer and my dishwasher have yet to have an expensive repair necessary.
I promise that I will never again consider a Maytag appliance as I feel that their conduct was shoddy and shamefull.

28 | bill coulter

April 25th, 2010 at 6:22 pm


I bought a Maytag a few years ago from the Brick. It worked fine for the first year then started to make a lot of noise. I contacted the Brick to see what could be done but all they gave me was the run around. It took me a long time to find the serial number and when i did I got tired of the phone calls to nowhere. This is the last Maytag I will ever buy.

29 | Larry B

April 26th, 2010 at 11:15 am


We also bought Maytag because my wife wanted to buy local (we live in a small town). This is the Atlantis machine. It has been nothing but trouble and the dealer we supported will do NOTHING but say “call Maytag”.
We have, and that is another dead end.
Now the STINK problem. There will NEVER be another Maytag appliance tn this house!

30 | RICK g

May 23rd, 2010 at 4:12 pm


I bought all new 5 Maytag Products 3 years ago thinking that this company had changed it’s image and had become a reliable company like GM, Ford and Chrysler is trying to do.
How wrong I was. I have already had Compressor noises from my fridge and my Washer is a complete disaster. MAYTAG NEPTUNE WASHER MFW9600SQ0.
I read all of your concerns and I sympathize with you all. I will never buy another Maytag.

31 | sammi

June 3rd, 2010 at 11:39 am


I have been calculating how long it would take me to pay off a new machine if I were to buy one instead of a new $50 shirt every week. Not only do I have the “musty” smell, but I also have a bleach dump on the load of clothes I do after my whites. I think I feel lucky that it only ruins one or two shirts a week … and not the whole load. HA! For those of you with older machines, keep them and repair them! It isn’t just washers/dryers/frigs that were made better “back then”. Even food processors, sewing machines and automobiles were better made. Ours seems to be a disposable society, and we no longer “get what we pay for”. Sad state of affairs, isn’t it?

32 | PAUL

June 16th, 2010 at 2:07 pm


Wow I guess I am not alone. I went on the internet to see if there was a call back on these Maytag Neptune Washers and I see that it looks like an effort in futility. Mine is just over three years old and , yes the mold and mildew smell was present after onl y about a months use. But what really boils my blood is that the bearings have gone in mine and it has been told to me that a $700 dolloar repair is in order. Maytag needs to be held accountable. The service man who gave me the good news said that Maytag is now owned by Whirlpool and that it is virtually immpossible to get anywhere whith them. He has seen this issue with the Matyag Neptune numerous times. So now that I have vented, I have a nice white shiney flower pot available cheap if anyone is interested. I still wonder if there is anything we can do about this.

33 | Romy

August 16th, 2010 at 2:49 pm


I tell you , I will never buy a Maytag brand again neve. The final spin won’t work anymore , few years back I just
got the control board replaced for $500.00 now this piece of s—t won’t work again , I called maytag support
and told me it’s gonna cost me more money to get it fixed, so today I’m taking it to dump site and I will scratch the name Maytag in my head……..

34 | darrell

April 21st, 2011 at 2:54 am


have had the maytag washer and dryer for a while now. as with my old ones i wipe out the rubber gasket area after every wash. only takes 2 seconds. i think the problems with the smell are the same for any washer. you have to do a little maintenance (cleaning) because fibres and hair etx will build up in any washer. especially a front load washer. friends of mine have whirlpool front load washer and they say they have a musty smell in theres too.

35 | jeff

June 12th, 2011 at 11:08 pm


See http://www.neptunehelp.com if your Maytag Neptune front loader has been bitten by the faulty 12002535 wax motor failure.

36 | Luis

August 25th, 2021 at 12:02 am


Never buy a Maytag appliance I have had mine for two years now and the washer and dry suck. Washer leaves soap on clothing and dry doesn’t dry.

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  • Peter G.: You know you are in a good place when even the dog is smiling. Looks like it was a lovely and likely deserved getaway.
  • Nora B.: So nice to see photos of J&D's beautiful cottage. A wonderful place to get away for a little while from our crazy world!
  • Luis: Never buy a Maytag appliance I have had mine for two years now and the washer and dry suck. Washer leaves soap on clothing and dry doesn’t dry.
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