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01 Aug, 2014

Another day at Presqu’ile (another page from my camping journal)

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Wednesday p.m.

We fell asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and the wind rushing through the treetops last night. It was strong enough to drown out the other noises of the campsite: the chatter and laughter and car doors slamming and air mattresses being inflated. It was heavenly.

I am thankful Mark noticed the earwig in our coffee press this morning before he poured the water in.

We went on an ice run and stopped to check out the Marsh Trail this morning. The mosquito-ridden trails from  our previous experiences made us more than a little hesitant to venture forward, but we decided to try it and see. We’re glad we did, and it was very different from any of the other trails we’ve seen before, anywhere.

Half of it was boardwalk over marshland, the other was a dirt trail through a cedar forest.

Marsh Trail, Presqu'ile

Swans along Marsh Trail

Me, scratching a bite. Obv.

It was an easy walk, very accessible, although I can’t speak for the second half that went through the forest because the eldest and I turned back.

There were info signs along the way explaining the marshy topography and its geological history, as well as providing information about the different birds that gather here. There is a lookout at the midway point, and water access for anyone with a net and an inclination to catch frogs or observe water-striders at close proximity. And it was quiet. So quiet. I’d call this one a win.

Midway point along the Marsh Trail, Presqu'ile Provincial Park

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