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06 Mar, 2018

Whole 30: Day 5-6 update

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Here’s an image: me, trying to write while the youngest daughter makes herself a giant bowl of buttered popcorn and then sits down next to me. Sigh. Strangely, corn in any form is not allowed on Whole 30. I thought popcorn was a healthy grain! I’m bummed about not being able to eat it for 24 more days but hey, this is what I signed up for. It’s funny how deeply this particular snack has embedded itself so deeply in my life. I would feel sad and deprived if I couldn’t eat popcorn in a movie theatre, for example. It’s weird when you think about it. It’s just CORN! Why feel sad about a lack of corn in one’s life?

You are probably wondering how I’m feeling today. According to the Whole 30 timeline, I should be feeling some kind of inner rage. I can’t say that’s the case with me. My feelings towards my fellow man hasn’t really changed at all. I am not, however, feeling 100%. I hesitate to use the word ‘woozy’ because a couple of people reading this would immediately jump on the phone and tell me to eat some carbs, but perhaps a better word to describe it is ‘fatigued’ in a way, or like someone has thrown a wet blanket over my brain that comes down behind my eyeballs.

I am feeling better this morning, but for the last couple of days I have not been operating at full physical and mental capacity, especially in the afternoons. Does my body need more energy? Or is it reeling from the fact that I’m withholding sugar and most carbs at the moment? Case in point: I walked to a meeting yesterday and felt oddly low, and this was after a good-sized breakfast with plenty of protein. I have been telling myself that this feeling is just my body is working hard to digest fat stores from new places in order to power itself. This makes me feel hopeful.

Overall, I do feel a little less jiggly, but it’s hard to know how much weight I’ve lost because Whole 30 followers are not supposed to weigh themselves for the duration. BUT I do sense that my pants are a little less snug. I feel quite full after meals but not bloated anymore. This is a good thing.

That being said, the idea behind the Whole 30 isn’t necessarily about weight loss, it’s about hitting a reset button on eating habits and cooking more at home, which we are DEFINITELY doing.

Here’s a lunch I enjoyed the other day:

Whole 30 big bowl of veg with sunshine sauce

It’s spiralized zucchini tossed with a handful of coleslaw mix, bean sprouts, chicken breast, nutty “sunshine sauce” and topped with a dab of guacamole, cilantro, and cashews. It was delicious and so full of flavour.

Whole 30 hasn’t been easy so far, but it hasn’t been too hard either. I think this is because we started off from a relatively good place in terms of what we were already eating for dinner, which was almost always some variation of lean meat with veg.

We are not big pop drinkers at all but I have a feeling that people who are habitual (read: daily) consumers of soda/pop would have a much tougher time with this kind of healthy eating challenge. Regularly ingesting a burst of liquid sugar and (possibly) caffeine must wreak havoc on one’s system. What happens to a mind and body that is used to being fed a constant stream of sugar? I bet it is a tough habit to break.

If you’re wondering what I’m eating, I’m tracking it all on this page (with links to recipes if I have them).


6 Responses to "Whole 30: Day 5-6 update"

1 | Claudette

March 6th, 2018 at 12:09 pm


I wonder if doing the Whole 30 thing during late summer harvest season might be a whole different ballgame?

Maybe I’ll do it and blog about it. Something about eating fresh food that has just been harvested, rather than fresh food in March…

I don’t know. But it makes my mouth water. :)

2 | andrea tomkins

March 6th, 2018 at 2:07 pm


I think it would be much easier in the summer! With tons more local produce to choose from… it would make a big difference. There is joy to be found in eating closer to home, for sure. That being said, the reason I’m doing it now is because the time was right. I was tired of being tired, you know what I mean? Hopefully this sets me on the right path and I will enjoy the harvest of the coming year even more. :)

3 | Lorrie Douthwright

March 6th, 2018 at 2:23 pm


Oh Miss Fish I feel you. My husband and I have been eating a ketogenic diet for the past month and (mostly) feel much better. Keto is high fat, moderate protein and very low carb. I’ve found that even a little complex carb makes me ….ummm, gas powered ?.

4 | Misty Pratt

March 7th, 2018 at 10:35 am


I’ve tried whole 30 a few times, and usually fail after 2 weeks. I don’t know why; I just can’t sustain it. It’s most likely due to lack of time to cook everything I would need, and also competing demands from my family – one kid won’t eat pork or beef, one kid is picky about most things, and one man-kid is a 100% carnivore with a chip-tooth (as opposed to sweet tooth.) And he has no interest in joining me, so my resolve tends to crumble…plus, I hate the feeling of deprivation. I don’t know how to get over that, but it makes me angry and irritated ;)

5 | andrea tomkins

March 7th, 2018 at 10:56 am


I think I read that people tend to quit at the 10-11 day mark. I can understand why! There are a number of hurdles that you have to overcome and you named a couple of them, Misty. Different tastes in the same family, time for cooking and food prep… it’s not that simple. It would be very hard to do alone too.

In terms of deprivation, I am trying really hard to shift my perception on this. It’s only deprivation if you look at it as deprivation. I see it as All You Can Eat meat and veg, with nuts and fruit on the side and try not to focus on the I-wish-I-could-eat-cheese-again train of thought. Besides, it’s only temporary. I know these things (read: CHEESE) will come back to me again. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

6 | Misty Pratt

March 9th, 2018 at 2:43 pm


Well you are very inspiring, and make me want to give it another try! I did have similar results – never being hangry, and always feeling full. Also, it DEF helped my skin, as I have mega adult acne. I like your thinking about deprivation…I’ll keep you posted if I try again ;)

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