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17 Feb, 2018

Weekend reading: February 17 edition

Posted by: andrea tomkins In: Weekend reading

Here’s a comic about everything I’ve learnt about women’s fashion. pic.twitter.com/6FtFed6DcE — Joe Decie (@joedecie) February 16, 2018 Edmonton woman catches purse-snatcher, returns wallet, takes thief for coffee, cbc.ca One Teacher’s Brilliant Strategy to Stop Future School Shootings, rd.com Boston Globe front page on shootings: ‘We Know What Will Happen Next, thehill.com How to Break […]

10 Feb, 2018

Weekend reading: February 10 edition

Posted by: andrea tomkins In: Weekend reading

Nearly 30 years as a reporter and I think this love story is the most incredible story I’ve ever been told. A German POW reunited with his true love 65 years later at age 87. https://t.co/HLCSSA5cbu — Blair Crawford (@GetBAC) February 9, 2018 How To Design For Everyone, In 3 Steps, fastcodesign.com Here there be […]

03 Feb, 2018

Weekend reading: February 3 edition

Posted by: andrea tomkins In: Weekend reading

Spread over several locations and a trio of weekends, #Winterlude is ready to once again offer up an array of activities and events, both familiar and new: https://t.co/Cf7nVTw4tP pic.twitter.com/LfYgs3CxJk — apt613 (@apt613) February 3, 2018 Augmented Reality: How We’ll Bring the News Into Your Home, nytimes.com For an assignment, I asked some of my terminal […]

27 Jan, 2018

Weekend reading: January 27 edition

Posted by: andrea tomkins In: Weekend reading

This pony working up the courage to jump this tiny step is everything. pic.twitter.com/cTS30cN99S — Naomi Kyle (@NaomiKyle) January 24, 2018 Facebook Only Cares About Facebook, theatlantic.com David Schwimmer Made Six Short Films About Sexual Harassment. We Annotate One of Them, nytimes.com Children in the news always require special consideration, thestar.com The White House asked […]

20 Jan, 2018

Weekend reading: January 20 edition

Posted by: andrea tomkins In: Weekend reading

NASA’s lovely tribute to Christa McAuliffe, the teacher who perished on Challenger, by @marinakoren https://t.co/upYtTXq788 pic.twitter.com/aug41RuXKJ — The Atlantic (@TheAtlantic) January 19, 2018 How Technology Is (and Isn’t) Changing Our Reading Habits, nytimes.com Why Toronto Made ‘the Playoffs’ for Amazon’s Headquarters, nytimes.com The Terror: ‘This Place Wants Us Dead’ Season Premiere Official Trailer, YouTube.com The […]


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  • andrea tomkins: I hope you like it Anne! Do you batch cook soups for your soup-lovin' family? It'd be easy to freeze in single serving containers!
  • Anne Rodrigues: That's funny - my family's the opposite. They love soup and I can't stand it but they want soup at least once a week. So, I guess I have to give in.
  • „Live Below the Line” sau cum e s? tr?ie?ti cu 1,5 dolari pe zi | Dana rozMarin: […] ?i a f?cut-o cu atâta succes încât acum scoate o carte cu re?ete foarte ieftine, MintLife, Quiet Fish ?i un exemplu românesc, Farfuridi.
  • andrea tomkins: Awesome! Glad to hear! You may be the only one I've managed to convince, Festina. If so, the coffee is yours at the end of the month! If other Ottawa
  • Festina Lente: Fantastic idea. Something we should all do on Heart Day. I'm in !
  • andrea tomkins: It's crazy to think that IS the *real* website! How is this selling Winterlude to millions of potential visitors from all over the world? How is it se
  • Splake: Totally agree. And ditto on the lousy website. I actually kept searching for while to find the *real* website. Come on Ottawa. It's time to st

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