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16 Dec, 2017

Weekend reading: December 16 edition

Posted by: andrea tomkins In: Weekend reading

Holds phone closer to ear… “I’m sorry, I can hardly hear you this is an awful connection…You cant come out because you’re washing a WHAT?” pic.twitter.com/LwmQfeuZ6w — Peter Lorimer (@pighilltweets) December 15, 2017 Here’s What the Best Bosses Are Doing for Their Employees This Holiday Season, inc.com 30+ Times People Sent The Most Hilarious Christmas […]

09 Dec, 2017

Weekend reading: December 9 edition

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The petition for a National Cycling Strategy is still open, and just passed 3000 signatures. If it closed today, we’d still rank below horsemeat for most signatures. Show how strongly Canadians support cycling and sign the petition: https://t.co/Cqyd47OiOY #ottbike. pic.twitter.com/jTzzIIgQNN — Bike Ottawa (@BikeOttawa) December 7, 2017 How Facebook figures out everyone you’ve ever met, […]

02 Dec, 2017

Weekend reading: December 2 edition

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When NASA launched the Golden Record aboard Voyager I in 1977, not even Carl Sagan (who helped produce the record) could get his hands on a copy. Now you can own it yourself https://t.co/vzWbZ0ItAv — WIRED Science (@WIREDScience) November 28, 2017 Meet Max, the cat who lost the library but won the Internet, washingtonpost.com Where […]

25 Nov, 2017

Weekend reading: November 25 edition

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The Globe 100: These are the best books of 2017 https://t.co/saSdSMsqek #globebooks — Globe Books (@globebooks) November 24, 2017 Playing for Time: A father, a dying son, and a quest to build the most profound video game ever, wired.com The Future Of Retail In The Age Of Amazon, fastcompany.com Can online gaming ditch its sexist ways?, […]

18 Nov, 2017

Weekend reading: November 18 edition

Posted by: andrea tomkins In: Weekend reading

Witness a hunter so poised, so deadly, that nothing can escape its merciless attack. pic.twitter.com/KxPlJ6ehYg — Dick King-Smith HQ (@DickKingSmith) November 15, 2017 Jack Mason’s war, Gary Mason’s mission and the Great Escape, theglobeandmail.com Editorial: Why we support the Salvation Army’s homeless ‘hub’, ottawacitizen.com How the Zombie Fungus Takes Over Ants’ Bodies to Control Their […]


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  • Carla: I laughed so much, but then I stopped because it sounded too realistic, and that is kinda scary.
  • Chris: I'd buy it for the black texture alone... There sure are lots of good words in this copy!
  • Charles V.: Hi, I would like to propose the link exchange deal with your website quietfish.com, for mutual benefit in getting more traffic and improve search e
  • andrea tomkins: Heeey! Glad to hear, Gwen! Let me know how you like it!
  • Gwen: I just ordered one of these, after reading your post! I had no idea there was such a thing. Like you, a traditional journal intimidates me and I know
  • andrea tomkins: Thanks Claudette! Glad to hear!
  • Claudette: As usual, thank you for posting your list! I loved the Brooklyn India momma story. :)

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