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20 Oct, 2019

Weekend reading: October 19 edition

Posted by: andrea tomkins In: Weekend reading

“I’m a big proponent of lowering the voting age to 16,” said @rickmercer. To those who argue 16-year-olds’ brains aren’t fully formed he said, “I would argue, you could say the same about half of the House of Commons.” #cdnpoli pic.twitter.com/0rRvsZz8O9 — Power & Politics (@PnPCBC) October 18, 2019 Colossal Carleton Blossom Astounds Biologists, carleton.ca […]

12 Oct, 2019

Weekend reading: October 12 edition

Posted by: andrea tomkins In: Weekend reading

This is so awful. Let’s think carefully about what brands we support this #Halloween (and every other day of the year)! >> Hershey, Nestle and Mars broke their pledges to end child labor in chocolate production – Washington Post https://t.co/CCTKbKTb7Y — andrea tomkins (@missfish) October 5, 2019 Why You Never See Your Friends Anymore, theatlantic.com […]

05 Oct, 2019

Weekend reading: October 5 edition

Posted by: andrea tomkins In: Weekend reading

This is one of the best deals at Costco FYI! It’s ten bucks per container. (And yes, we eat a lot of popcorn around here!) pic.twitter.com/65mFIKVauD — andrea tomkins (@missfish) October 4, 2019 The rise of the “getting real” post on Instagram, newyorker.com The Saddest Leafy Green, theatlantic.com Jimmy Carter at 95: No figs left […]

29 Sep, 2019

Weekend reading: September 28 edition

Posted by: andrea tomkins In: Weekend reading

What if instead of fixating on getting ahead, we focused on having enough? >> https://t.co/cmiSXS8nbi — andrea tomkins (@missfish) September 23, 2019 The Tide is High (Really), but Debbie Harry is Staying Put, nytimes.com How to Buy Clothes That Are Built to Last, nytimes.com Red to Green: The evolution of a city’s abandoned acres, stuff.co.nz […]

21 Sep, 2019

Weekend reading: September 21 edition

Posted by: andrea tomkins In: Weekend reading

*looks at date* You know what time it is! pic.twitter.com/9aFFV4RkcX — Andrien Gbinigie (@EscoBlades) September 21, 2019 Free Britney: Britney Spears’ conservatorship explained, latimes.com Bird Populations Plummet in North America, wsj.com Sydney Is for the Birds. The Bigger and Bolder, the Better, nytimes.com What Would Happen If Canada Treated Climate Crisis Like War, vice.com ‘Okra […]


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