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09 Apr, 2020

Sign of the times

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As I mentioned before, our groceries are done primarily doing the Loblaws Click & Collect but I’ve had to augment this with a couple of in-store visits this past month. One trip was to stock up on groceries for my mother (which the youngest dropped off to her, she lives about 2.5 hours away) and the second trip was because the youngest has a birthday this weekend and our C&C slot is still a week away.

I also forgot it was a long weekend and that some stores would be closed.

I was early, but not early enough. There was a line-up out the door because they were staggering entry. (For the record, it was raining.)

There was toilet paper, but no flour, or sriracha to replenish my dwindling supply. I didn’t bother looking for bleach spray or hand sanitizer.

What’s new (at least for me): The aisles were all one way now, which in cuts down on the number of traffic jams when shoppers ore obeying rules of traffic flow. And if you haven’t been for awhile: the checkouts take credit or debit only (except for one), you can’t bring your reusable bags, and there are plastic shields between the cashier and the customers.

Here’s what it all looked like from my perspective:

Staggered entry at the grocery store

No reusable bags allowed

One way aisles at the grocery store

The dairy fridge at Loblaws
Line up for the cash register

Getting closer to the register.

No room for more!

Discarded gloves are everywhere

I felt mad and sad and icky and scared the entire time I was there. It was hard to breathe through my DIY bandana mask without fogging up my glasses. My nose was itchy. The check-out line snaked through the middle of the store. It’s hard to believe but some people still aren’t getting the idea of physical distancing. (!!)

Let the record show that I’ve NEVER spent so much money in one go at the grocery store. And that includes Christmas! I paid full price for almost everything I bought. I came, I saw, I grabbed two of everything. :(

When I left, it was snowing.

As much as I hate going to buy groceries right now, it somehow keeps me grounded. What happens in our kitchen is something that is within my control, more or less. I can bake bread and buy cartons of juice. I can plan meals around what we have, and I know I’m capable of eating tuna fish on crackers if it ever comes to that. Also, I am pretty amazing at making meals out of nothing. It’s my secret skill. All of this is a source of comfort for me.

p.s. in other news, have you ever tried a toasted peanut butter sandwich with pickles and sriracha? I recommend it.

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