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09 Mar, 2006

peeking in windows

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On today’s “must buy” list:

  • coffee
  • crows

And I can’t wait to show you what I made last night. But more on those things later.

I was going to write about Martha Stewart, and how she’s wrong and I?m right, but this post has turned into something a little different and A LOT LONGER than just that.

First, let’s get the Martha thing out of the way.

My MIL gave me an issue of Martha Stewart kids with instruction on how to grow salt crystals. I thought hey, we haven’t done that in awhile. Let’s do it! So I followed the instructions as printed in the mag and after about five minutes of stirring undissolved salt I decided to go look it up on the internet and find a different source.

According to her instructions you dump in the salt all in one go. According to everyone else you pour it in bit by bit. So this is what I did. The results of that experiment are still on the kitchen windowsill. It’s been a couple of days. I’m still waiting for crystals to start forming. I think it’s because I didn’t use cotton kitchen string as per the directions. I will have to try it again. I MUST HAVE salt crystals, even though my children stopped caring after five minutes into the first batch.

Anyway, I was going to show the crystals here, but since there’s nothing really to see I thought I’d just show my windowsill to all the curious peeps out there. The list lover side of me needed to itemize all the doodads. So I did that too.

Click the image for embiggened photo.


A – The salt crystal experiment

B – A basil plant, bought at Farm Boy. Oh, does it ever smell good.

C – Glue. Yes. Glue in the kitchen. As a matter of fact, there is crafty stuff pretty much all over the house.

D – My favourite trivet. You didn’t think someone could have a favourite trivet, could ya? Well, mine was a wedding gift, and it’s made by Dotti Potts. It’s blue and yellow with a rough drawing of a fish in the middle. I would love more pieces of this stuff. It’s gorgeous. And it makes me so happy! We should all have happy things in our kitchens. Please go check it out here.

E – A superawesome kitchen scale courtesy of Mark’s uncle Garry. My dear husband has become a trifle irritating since its receipt . e.g. He weighs his apple, takes a bite, and weighs it again to see how much he bit off. It was funny the first time. PLEASE STOP WEIGHING EVERYTHING. ;)

F – Gaping fish from my friend Cindy. Holds dishcloths in a most attractive manner.

G – Avocado seed, waiting to be plunked in water.

H – A neighbor lives here. Some of you might remember the p0op incident.
(I will share remembrances via email if you’re a regular reader.)

I – I’m growing my own mint! Well, ok, maybe it’s only sprouting roots at this stage, but it is growing. You see, much to my annoyance I found myself buying some at the grocery store the other day. Annoyance? Yes, because mint is practically a weed and if you’ve ever had it growing in your garden you will understand how invasive it can be. It shouldn’t be available for purchase anywhere, it should be given freely to anyone who wants it. But it isn’t.

Why am I not a mint farmer? Nothing could possibly be easier.

Anyway, yes, so I’m growing my own. And when it’s warm enough, I will plant it in a pot and sink it into the dirt like I always do. And it shall be wonderful.

J – Salt and pepper shakers. This is my small collection, not including the regular glass & silver-topped type we use in our everyday lives. Remember the vintage squirrel and nut ones I bought from eBay a few months ago? Well, there they are! Live! In action!

So that’s my kitchen windowsill. I’m amazed you read this far. If you’re inclined to show us yours, well, I’m sure everyone would be happy to go peek. I would!

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