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21 Apr, 2005

Holes in the ceiling

Posted by andrea in: Misc. life

Jack the electrician is a great guy. I think we bonded over the pot lights.

I deferred to him for just about everything. “Leave the professional things to the professionals,” is what I always say. He totally knew what he was doing, which was a big relief, because I totally didn’t.

We measured, we debated the placement, we talked pros and cons, I held the garbage bag while he swept up the chunks of drywall. All in all it was a pretty positive experience. Even though I felt some pressure because I was ALONE and making all the BIG DECISIONS (with Jack’s help, of course.) I had images of Mark coming home from work, and asking me why I did it this way or that way. I prepared my answer:


I learned a few things about our home. Namely that drilling holes for pot lights is not like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s a small adventure in itself. You drill, find out what’s under there, if it’s good or bad, and if there’s a joist then you have to alter your plan and work around it. Then there’s my math/measuring phobia. Jack is old-school. He measured confidently, with an old-fashioned retractable measuring tape no less, not one of those new-fangled LASER things. No siree. Jack doesn’t wear protective eyewear when he’s drilling either, and I couldn’t let that one slide without comment.

A photographer was just here, fully intending to get some action shots of Jack drilling/wiring/working, but missed him by a full hour. Jack was speedy and efficient, even with our chat about his three kids, Fargo, and Forrest Gump. [Edited to add: this is not to say that his children are named Fargo and Forrest Gump. We talked about movies too.] The photographer had to settle for shots of dorky ol’ me with unbrushed hair and a nose that’s seen more tissues than Tammy Faye. At least I wasn’t alone. Mark was posing for pics with me.

So the holes are drilled. The wire has been pulled through. Next: furniture gets towed away Friday or Saturday, and on Monday Enrique will do the first phase of the floors.

1 Response to "Holes in the ceiling"

1 | Jack

April 30th, 2005 at 12:05 pm


Hi Andrea: Had many chuckles with your diary.

Your quite the writer and Thank You for the kind words, i’m glad you are happy with the layout of the pots. Let me know when time to come by and finish. I would imagine another week or so. Floor looks nice I must say. Talk soon
Bye Jack

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