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08 Aug, 2005

Warning: this post is introspective AND perky

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(Transcribed from earlier today) I am feeling particularly blissed out at the moment. I’m sitting in a shady spot in the backyard. At one elbow, the phone. I’m expecting a call about a potential writing gig. At my other elbow, iced tea in a pint glass. This is the real stuff. Brewed tea with honey and lemon and small wedges of lime ensconced in ice cubes.

The girls are playing in the inflatable pool. Not even their bickering is getting to me right now. I am feeling calmer about a lot of things. After a small stretch of career-related anxiousness I feel like good things are unfolding.

A serious question for you writers out there: at what point in your professional life did you become comfortable enough to call yourself a writer? One published article? Two? When you found an agent, or were approached by an editor? I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts on this.

It’s taken me a while, but I finally feel like I’m there. It’s been my dream job for as long as I can remember. And here I am.

My major web contract came to a sudden end last week. Admittedly I was a little sad at first. I really liked the people I was working with. What’s more, I like the purpose behind the site, which was to boost awareness about a certain issue that is close to my heart.

And with the end of that particular contract came the big celestial kick in the pants that I so needed. Should I seek more web work or devote more time to the pen and paper… and paid writing gigs? I am fortunate to have a spouse that knows me well, and supports me in every way. So I chose the latter. My brain has made the adjustment. I think. My heart is starting to feel lighter, brighter, cleaner… and not unlike how in lovestruck people in cartoons with a madly enlarged heart, growing larger with each beat. That’s me.

Other happy news: my gorgeously cool roller skates finally arrived. They’re perfect. But I need pom poms now!


I’m not sure why it took so long to get here. Perhaps Canada Customs agents took them for a spin? Who knows. I’m just happy they’re here and that I didn’t have to pay duty. I tried them on this morning. I was a little wobbly, but it’s nothing that a little practice won’t fix. The girls were all smiles. No wonder, to see mummy on wheels must be pretty funny. Besides, they make me taller than many trees in our neighborhood.

Also, thanks to Robyn I am the winner of a wonderful selection of handmade goods. Really! Check out this site and scroll down to #29. It’s the one with the black clutch. That’s the one I won. Yay for me!

I am feeling so lucky. My head is still spinning. All these things just in time for my birthday … August 19 if you’ve forgotten. And in case you’re wondering I’ll be 26 again. :)

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1 | robyn

August 9th, 2005 at 2:57 pm


I have roller skate *envy*…those are so cute!

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