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06 Jan, 2006

bought and kept

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Last week Mark helped his friend Grant lug an almost-new mattress to a local Salvation Army store. It was actually one I hadn’t been to, but as soon as Mark returned and I heard the words “Pyrex” and “books” I was chomping to go.

A couple days later I nonchalantly gathered a bag of old goods* on the premise I was just going to “drop some stuff off.” Ha. Mark saw through that one pretty fast. He knows that trolling around second-hand shops is one of my favourite things to do. And it was worth the trip.

I picked up a medium-size red Pyrex mixing bowl for 99 cents. I love those things, although the ice blue is my favourite colour. (check out a set pictured here.)

I also found a really cute children’s swim towel/poncho-with-hood-thing. It’s a green terry-cloth dinosaur, brand new with tags! But my favourite purchase was something I spotted at the very last minute. It was behind the counter and I asked to see it. And within seconds it was mine.

Here it is:


I LOVE toys from this era. And unless I’m on eBay I don’t see them very often. What is it about these things that I love so much? I can’t even pin it down. This beauty is actually made of wood, and it works too! (more info about it is here.)

I motioned to the lady behind the counter that I wanted to buy it.

“It’s $5.99, you know that, right?” She sounded slightly shocked I would pay so much for an old toy.
“Yes, I know,” I answered. “That’s just fine.”

* among the things I gave away were tops that I wore in my early university days. The kind that goes way down and snaps under the cr0tch. LOL – anyone remember those? There’s many a dizzy drunken ‘eve I spent in a nightclub toilet stall, trying to get those little buggers snapped up.

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  • SJM: My father sent epic care packages when I was at Uni - one per term. It included a 6 pack of beer and lots of food. This was when postage was much chea
  • andrea tomkins: I KNOW. It's crazy that we are now the parents of an adult. I can hardly believe it myself most days! :)
  • Allison: What!!??!! How is your daughter in university?!! That just cannot be!!! So glad to hear she is adjusting well and having fun and enjoying her classes
  • andrea tomkins: Great ideas Joy! Especially the POST-its! They're actually an expensive purchase for a student, so they'd make a nice addition to a care package.
  • joy: cute and fun - I would love to receive things like this! How about notebooks, magazines, post-it notes, seasonal treats, lip balms, gift cards for fav
  • andrea tomkins: Ooh! Good one Alison! A good (long!) phone charge cord could be welcome as well.
  • Alison in Ottawa: Another pair of ear phones. My daughter can never keep track of them.

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