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12 Jan, 2006

Night out

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I went out with Kristina last night. We agreed to meet at our usual place in Chinatown … although in Ottawa it’s really more like “Asianstreet” because that’s all there is to it, one long strip of retail with many different cultures putting up shop along it. Regardless of size, it’s a place to get an eyeball full of wonderful things any time of year.

I had brought my camera, and since I arrived early I decided to go for a wander.

There are all kinds of neat little stores and restaurants.

I came bearing gifts. This is a luggage tag I picked up for Kristina at a store called Heaven’s to Betsy. It was hard to get a box that was long enough for it. :)


Down the street:

Across the street:

Our treat for the evening, bubble tea! I took the plunge and strayed from my usual order of honeydew flavoured tea. I had the coconut. Kristina’s was chocolate orange. We do not recommend it, as it started to curdle.

Her gift to me: a cool disco ball ornament and a ValVill calendar/coupon book. (I am picturing Mark reading this and rolling his eyes…. this gift supports my addictions!)


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