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17 Feb, 2006

I’m not going down without a fight

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I’ve managed to avoid getting a cold all winter. This is downright miraculous, given especially that I have two kids in school, one of which is in JK and we know all they do there is sneeze on each other and cough all over the crayons.

I attribute my lack of sickness entirely to an increase in the frequency of hand-washing. I wash my hands all the time**, especially when arriving from somewhere i.e. the grocery store, where the number of germs on the grocery cart handle is probably equal to that found under the rim of a toilet. *shiver*

It helps to have good soap. I bought a container of a SoftSoap brand called (I think!) Milk and Honey. CALGON TAKE ME AWAY! The smell is so delicious it’s a wonder I don’t gnaw on my hands all day.

It’s not available in every store, so whenever I see the refill-size containers I feel like I should buy a few of them just in case they discontinue it. Ok. I see now that I have a little problem. :)

MARY: if you’re reading this, please buy me a container from Costco if they have it, ok? I’ll pay ya back.

It’s one of the few soaps on the shelves that’s not anti-bacterial, which is a bonus because if it was I wouldn’t buy it.

Sidenote: ** PEOPLE DO NOT BUY INTO THE ANTI-BACTERIAL HYPE *** You don’t need to use anti-bac products, and it could ultimately be harmful to your system. Here’s some info. And here’s a study saying that it doesn’t work anyway
Anyway, yes. I haven’t had a cold all season. I’ve even fought them off! But I have finally succumbed. It was unavoidable seeing as though every member of my family has a cold right now.

I knew it was sneaking up on me. I started to feel it the day I bought the paper-to-inspire-the-spending-of-$10000 (the post below). I was having a lovely lunch with Dani and Leanne Cusack. I could feel it creeping up. Not only did I let the meter lapse, but my brain was beginning to fog up and they were out-chatting me. Lo, I woke up this morning feeling like a balloon has been inserted behind my eyeballs.

Problem is, there ain’t much I can do about it at this point. Sometimes a mum just has to keep going.

** Has anyone seen The Aviator? I am secretly afraid of turning my children into Howard Hughes. I am forever reminding them to wash their hands. I make them do it when we get home (from anywhere) and before and sometimes after every meal. Am I breeding obsessive compulsive disorders instead of colonies of germs? Which is worse? ;)

Off to make more lemon/honey tea.

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