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10 Jul, 2006

Candy swap: bring on the sugar

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Please check The List and make sure I’ve got it up to date.
There are a couple people who still haven’t received their packages. (!!!)
Everyone has sent theirs, right? Right?

old stuff:

Packages should have all been mailed. The deadline for mailing was Saturday June 24. Let us know if you’ve mailed and received yours already and I’ll mark it on The LIST.

If your name appears on The List (at the end of this post) you are supposed to send to the individual listed BELOW YOU ON THE LIST. The last person (we won’t know this until the 10th) will send to me. If you’re still confused, please speak up. We don’t want someone to go without!


If you like candy and getting mail, this is the swap for you!

In the meantime, those of you who have signed up can post your questionnaires. If you let me know the URL I will link it directly from The List (below). And in case you’re wondering, yes, feel free to use the candyswap button on your blog. :)


The scoop: each person will send their partner a package of candy. VBS (Value Before Sending) should be $10.00. (Shipping costs aren’t included in this amount.) And if all goes well everyone will get ten bucks worth of neat-o candy in their mailbox. Yay!

If you’re interested, please read on.

1) Leave a note in the comments (below) if you wish to participate. I’ll take the names and post them to The List. The List will be posted at the bottom of this entry. The List will be the final word.

2) Deadline for signup is Saturday June 10, at which point The List will be totally up to date and you should also have also posted the results of the “Candy Swap 2006 Questionnaire”* on your blog. If you are blogless, and I know who you are (Melissa, I’m thinking specifically of you as I write this) you are still welcome to play. Your questionnaire can be emailed to your partner.

3) A word about how the partners will be set up? I will post the names of the participants to The List as they come in. To avoid confusion, each person will simply mail their package to the person next in line on The List. The last person on The List will send to me. e.g.

A) me (I send to B)
B) next person (B sends to C)
C) next person (C sends to me)

4) You are responsible for getting the correct mailing address from the person you’re supposed to be sending to, and also giving it to the person who is sending to you. Ack. That sounds confusing. Doesn’t it? Tell me you know what I’m talking about! Please don’t forget to post where your questionnaire is located. You don’t want your partner to have to search around for it.

5) If you are planning to send chocolate, please consider the climate of the place you are sending it to. If it is going anywhere warm, it might be a gooey mess by the time it gets to its destination.

6) A note in regards to shipping to US residents: I’m unsure what your crazy postal regulations dictate, and what can or cannot be sent in the mail. I’ve asked around, and although many people I spoke to have mailed food items I recommend you do NOT write “candy” or “chocolate” on the customs slip! I have a feeling if the package is marked “gift” it will come through ok. Let’s hope the sniffer dogs don’t get ’em.

7) All packages must be mailed by Saturday June 24.

I will also be asking everyone to email me their mailing info. Just so I have it on file. Sound ok? Any questions? Let me know.

p.s. YES! Feel free to take the little swappin’ graphic and plunk it on your blog.


* Candy Swap 2006 Questionnaire

1) When I was a kid, Halloween was all about:
a) collecting as much candy as I could
b) collecting candy to eat as I go
c) sharing with my siblings
d) Who cares about candy? I was too busy egging my teacher’s car.
e) Halloween was forbidden in my house and I’ve never gotten over it. Bring it on!

2) What is more important to you: quality, or quantity?

3) If you were on a desert island (haha, I wrote “dessert island” but that would be a totally different question now wouldn’t it?) and could only have one sweet treat, which would it be?

4) You arrive at “Dessert Island” ? where you discover a river of pudding flowing freely through a swamp of Cool Whip. No one is watching. What do you do?

4) Sweet, sour, or savoury?

5) Sex or chocolate?

6) What kind of candy, if any, would you turn down if someone offered?

7) You’re at the grocery store, you’re children/husband/pets have been The.Worst.Ever. They’re throwing cans at each other, tripping little old ladies, taking bites out of the produce and putting them back in the bins, and piercing the milk bags with diaper pins. You feel yourself getting woozy. That vein in your forehead is throbbing. You need an immediate sugar kick before you do something crazy. What do you reach for?

8) What are your feelings regarding Thrills gum, ribbon candy, scotch mints, and other “grandma candies”?

9) How adventurous are you? Do spicy dried mealworms or candy-coated crickets give you the willies, or are you willing to try anything once?

9) Do you have dentures or other dental issues? Do you have a good dental plan?

Any other info you want to share, I suggest you spill it. :)


1) Me* sent / rec’d

2) BeachMama* sent / rec’d

3) Bethany* sent / rec’d

4) Dani* sent / rec’d

5) Nancy* sent / rec’d

6) Chantal* sent / rec’d

7) Cherie* sent / rec’d

8) Hillary* sent / rec’d

9) Marla * sent / rec’d

10) Melissa – a currently blogless candy-lovah : sent / rec’d

11) Lex * sent / rec’d

12) Kristina* sent / rec’d

13) Vicki* sent / rec’d

14) Moggy*

15) roro* sent / rec’d

16) Wenders* sent / rec’d

17) stephanie sent / rec’d

18) Heather* sent / rec’d

to-have-blog.html”>Coleen* sent /

20) bubbabugmom* sent / rec’d

21) Kailani* sent / rec’d

22) Sharon* sent / rec’d

23) Kirsten Neumann Stephens* sent / rec’d

24) Jennifer Dobson* sent / rec’d

25) Lauren* sent / rec’d

26) Dana * sent / rec’d

* links directly to questionnaire …

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