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06 Jul, 2006

Guest blogger angst

Posted by andrea in: Guest postings

Oh gosh, is it my turn already?

As Marla mentioned, Andrea has asked us to guest blog for a bit this week. And then that scamp Marla beat me to the first post, so I have to be at least as clever and witty and loquacious as her. Oh, the pressure! And with photos, no less… I’m not worthy.

After a year and a half of living, breathing and dreaming in blog, you would think I’d’ve overcome any remnants of blog insecurity by now. You write a great post, people love it, they give you great feedback and you feel like a million bucks – until the next time you put up a new post. You write a sucky post, people don’t love it, you feel a little angsty for a bit wondering if you’ve jumped the shark, but people forgive you and come back the next day and you get to try all over again. Lather, rinse, repeat, to the tune of nearly 600 posts.

Just when you think you can blog your way through anything, you get asked to guest blog, and any semblance of confidence you might have had or been able to bluff crumbles like good feta. Not only that, but when you’re asked to guest blog for someone whom you really like and admire and respect – that’s a full blown panic attack just waiting to happen.

Let’s see, what kinds of things does Andrea blog about? She’s got exquisite taste and a great eye for a bargain. I, on the other hand, tend to be a mass marketer’s dream because I will buy whatever drivel they foist upon me, so long as it is packaged in a shiny, colourful or otherwise eyecatching container. Andrea finds treasures at junk shops, estate sales and ValVill, while I have pathological neuroses about used other people’s stuff, which I occasionally overcome at garage sales, only to buy stuff I don’t really need and bring it home to my own garage, where it sits abandoned until I have a garage sale of my own. Basically, I rent other people’s junk to take up space in my garage until I can unload it on some other patsy at a loss.

Okay, so maybe not so much with the things. What else does Andrea blog about? Ooh, she’s damn crafty. Crafty – yeah, I could probably do crafty. How hard could crafty be?

* sound of crickets *

Okay, so if you want crafty, just skim through Andrea’s archives because apparently she got her alotment of craftiness, and mine to boot. I particularly loved this sock dog, which I must file away under “things to get around to trying one of these days”, along with painting the bathroom and passing my French exam.

* panicked hyperventilating *

Surely there must be something I can blog about at least as well as Andrea does…

* pregnant pause *

Aha! That’s it – kids!! Andrea posts great photos of her kids, and has a whole category on fun things to do with the kids. Her photos of Emma and Sarah are more than half of what hooked me on her blog in the first place (but if Andrea asks, I said it was the scintillating writing, right?)

Rather than clutter up any more space over here with pictures of my boys (and this has nothing to do with the fact that I can’t quite figure out how to post photos here, I swear) you can head on back to my place for a photo essay, inspired by Andrea, of our weekend adventure at the waterpark.

Guest blogging or traffic whoring – you be the judge…

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