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20 Mar, 2007

Florida buys

Posted by andrea tomkins in: Oh! Things!|Photography

My in-laws just returned home from a month-long sojourn to Florida and Myrtle Beach. They kindly transported back a set of plates bought while we were down there a few weeks ago. As I unwrapped them I realized I never did a run down of my purchases from Target.

Not pictured here today: two steel-walled Thermoses (Thermii?), a shiny red purse, a casual greenish one, and some clothes Mary bought for the girls.

Here we go.

I have to start with these little dipping bowls. I love them. I tussled a little in regards to this purchase. Could there be anything more useless, but pretty? I photographed them with my dining room carpet peeking out underneath… just to give you an idea of what a stellar colour co-ordinator I am.

These are my new plates. They only had four available. I had to have them. They are the perfect size for a sandwich or a salad. Ten bucks!

Birdie S & P shakers. Unlike the dipping bowls, these are actually being used.

Chartreuse-coloured serving plates. Sadly, they are melamine, but at two bucks a pop I could not say no.

Not a great pic, but I also snagged some reversible cotton placemats (98 cents each) and a matching (albeit mildly Christmassy) runner ($4.48).

Knockoff Converse sneaks. They are immensely comfortable. And yes, MOM, they are worn and torn. That’s intentional. That’s the style.

New rain boots for Sarah. I know someone who might like these too.

Our Florida trip seems like it was so long ago. It doesn’t help that there’s a minus twentysomething windchill out there right now.

I can’t wait for Spring to come.

5 Responses to "Florida buys"

1 | BeachMama

March 20th, 2007 at 12:18 pm


What a good haul! I love the little blue bowls. I have a set of four as well, and judging by the box it looks like the same company. Mine are autumn leaves. I bought mine from a Chinese restaurant, they were sold as dipping bowls for your sushi. I use them for everything though :)

2 | Porter

March 20th, 2007 at 12:19 pm


Good buys! I love the dipping bowls.

3 | Sharon

March 20th, 2007 at 5:34 pm


I love the blue blowls too…I’d use them for Candles on my back deckon a summernight. GOsh you got some nice stuff.

I want warmth too.

5 | zhenia

March 20th, 2007 at 8:12 pm


Oh, Target! Why aren’t you in Canada already?!

I *heart* the plates.

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