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19 Jun, 2007

Intruder alert!

Posted by andrea tomkins in: Easy ways to make kids happy

I heard Mark give a loud yell in the kitchen.

I thought perhaps he had chopped a finger off.

It was, in fact, a mouse. Mark saw the little guy using the microwave cord as a mini mouse highway.

Sarah woke up and padded downstairs. And that set off a chain of events which we will all remember for a long time.

Mark showed Sarah the trap. It’s a no-kill mouse trap. Basically you put some bait inside, the mouse crawls in, and the door closes behind it. No one gets hurt. She was VERY concerned about the mouse. In fact, they had become fast friends.

I put one peanut-butter covered crouton inside each of the traps. We set the traps in the kitchen and sent Sarah back to bed.

About an hour later Mark heard the rattle and pop of the trap. The mouse was caught. We woke the girls and the four of us (them in their PJs) took the mouse (in the trap) for an evening stroll. The girls were bubbling with excitement. The night was warm. The moon was a yellow sliver the sky, and the stars seemed to be shining a little brighter.

We walked aways from our house, set the trap down, opened the door, and watched it quietly. Mousey brown peeked out, and then we blinked, and he was gone. Just like that.

The girls were so pleased.

We wish you a happy life Mousey. I just hope we caught you before you had your mousewarming party.

4 Responses to "Intruder alert!"

1 | Porter

June 19th, 2007 at 12:03 pm


Aren’t you afraid it will find it’s way back in? I am so afraid of mice…I am an evil person because I insist on the horrible traps that kill them. I shouldn’t admit that on your site!

2 | j

June 19th, 2007 at 2:27 pm


I’m happy you used a no-kill trap. Our cat, it seems, had retired and neglected to tell us. A little mouse scooted in from the garage when it was 40 below. The cat batted it twice, then decided they could co-habitate. It doesn’t take long to trap mice, does it?

You’re supposed to release it a mile from home or something like that. I felt so guilty. It was 40 below and we released it in a barn. We threw bread in after it. I hope it is okay. I like mice. Just not inside.

3 | The Moffman

June 19th, 2007 at 3:45 pm


I’m not afraid of mice by any stretch, but I don’t like them in the house… and when they surprise you, it can really freak you out.
I have some pretty nasty rodent-cidal stories to share, but this is probably not the best forum. Suffice to say that your children would be horrified.

4 | Mark

June 19th, 2007 at 7:26 pm


Just for the record…my loud yell was not a shreiking schoolgirl yell…it was in fact just me shouting
“A MOUSE”. It was a yell of suprise. Lest anyone here question my manhood.

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