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04 Sep, 2010

In the key that our souls were singing

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Sometimes the girls and I talk about seasons.

Which is the best one season? It’s tough. Is it Spring; with tulips and outdoor-related freshness, such a sight for sore green-deprived eyes? Is it Summer; with the sun on your back and sand between your toes? Is it Fall; with its dozen shades of red and gold? Or is it Winter; the time when you can see your breath and blankets of snow make everything so crisp and white?

I’m still not sure if there’s a winner there. The truth is, each season has its good points here in Ottawa. (Speak to me another time about pesky March and November, when I would most like to be transported to away to sunnier climes.)

I walked out on our front step this morning, cosy in my hoodie, Piper straining on leash ready to bolt after audacious squirrels who dare trespass on our lawn (bastards) and I remembered how much I really love September.

The lawn is lushly green green green right now. I wore boots because it was so wet outside this morning. No socks though. It felt so rebellious. 

This time of year makes me happy because (a) I really like sweaters and (b) it’s still warm and sunny and it’s enjoyable to be outdoors and it feels so good to be alive.

This time of year makes me sad because (a) summer is over and it makes me wonder whether I accomplished very much with the time we had and (b) I’m one step closer to being dead. (I know that sounds laughably crazy – insane really – but distinct passages of the year like this often remind me that time needs to be used up, not wasted. Stupid, really. I really ought to be reclining on a couch talking about this to a shrink instead of the blogosphere. Sorry. I’ll move on.)

We did a lot of stuff this summer but there are more things I wanted to have done with the girls.

So, I am devoting myself to September and am going to be doing my darndest to get a few of those outstanding things done. (FUN things, like seeing new places, eating good food etc, not cleaning out the basement FWIW.) I know it’s September 4 and I’m rather late to the game, but there are so many things to celebrate. I will be writing about them in the weeks to come before the leaves start to fly.

p.s. September 8 – 15 is sugar-free week here at the Fishbowl. Any more joiners? You can read about that here. I’ll post about it again on the 8th and if you’re following – or participating – you will be able to add your comments over in that post.

2 Responses to "In the key that our souls were singing"

1 | Betsy Mae

September 4th, 2010 at 6:37 pm


perfect post, you captured my feelings exactly.

i love fall (although i think it’s tied with summer) but since having children i find it bitter sweet.

i love the smell and feel of fall, the colours, the activities, the clothes, food, so many things! it feels like a fresh start to me.

i don’t like back to school at all, ugh!!!!! i always miss the kids. it also makes me reflect too much on regrets about what we didn’t do during the summer, even if we’ve had a fabulous summer.

hmm we also close the pool so the yard doesn’t look nearly as pretty! BUT i get to change up our urns and the front of the house, fun!

ps-thanks for giving me something else to fret about…yep, so true, closer to death. waaaaahh!!

2 | Shannon

September 4th, 2010 at 9:00 pm


Great post!
And ps. I thought about going sugar free after I read your post…for about 15 seconds. Keeping it real, there is no way in hell I’d ever be able to do that…so I won’t even try. At least I know myself and I’m honest!

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