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31 Oct, 2011

A quickie update on the 100 Club

Posted by andrea tomkins in: Challenge me, challenge you

100 club!We have joiners, but no jotters!

I have to apologize to everyone who tried to update the 100 Club Google Calendar with their info. (Which is accessible from this page.) I realized that I have to invite you by email in order to edit the calendar and be able to add your name. Please drop me a line if you’d like me to add you. (Thanks for helping me figure that out Sasha!)

Also, yes, you can use the 100 Club image in your blog. :)

So far so good for me. Today marks day five. That’s FIVE IN A ROW. Five days of healthy habits (and only 95 more to go).

I’d love it if you joined me. The basic goal is to burn 100 calories every day for 100 days just by doing a few easy exercises. (They are listed near the bottom of this post.) I added a few more little things on top of that – things that I need to do everyday for my mental health. (You know, because if I’m unhappy, everyone around here suffers.) But your little things might be different than mine. So think about a couple of small things you can commit to doing every day for 100 days that contributes to your physical and mental health. It might be:

  • walking your kid to school
  • taking the dog for a longer walk after dinner
  • taking 15 minutes to stretch/meditate/do yoga
  • eat dinner as a family
  • take a multivitamin
  • take milk in your coffee instead of cream

Trick is, they have to be SMALL.

I won’t be posting 100 Club updates here in the blog very often (I promise… this stuff can be very pedantic if you’re watching from the sidelines) but will be making small notes in the 100 Club Calendar.

Twitter types can also follow #The100Club on Twitter.

Now seriously people. Who’s in? If you’re participating, please drop me a line and let me know so you can start marking up our calendar too! xox

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1 | Misty

October 31st, 2011 at 9:06 am


OK, email me the google calendar! So far, so good here :)

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