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13 Jun, 2013

Father’s day gadget recommendations from our father to you!

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I wanted to share some Father’s Day ideas with you in case you’re doing some last-minute shopping. These are gadgets we actually own, that I think the dad in your life might like too!

I would be remiss if I didn’t give top spot to his favourite toy: the Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 S

I don’t want to get into the whole Xbox One vs. 360 at this point, but I will say that some of his favourite games have included the Lego series of games (Indiana Jones, Harry Potter are great games to play as a family – even I played them!), LA Noir, Bioshock Infinite, and Alan Wake.

I do like to give the gift of books, don’t you? Mark is enjoying David Sedaris right now (You can look him up right here). Paper books are wonderful (I’ll never be able to fully give up paper!) but our little black KOBO has been pretty sweet too. We have a Kobo Touch, which has been great. It is comfortable to hold and has a very clear display and is perfect for reading whether dad is on holidays or at home in bed. I have been eyeballing the Kobo Arc lately. It looks pretty cool. HELLO BOOKS ON STEROIDS.


The device has all kinds of features built-in. It’s a multimedia unit that enables you to read AND surf the web… which comes in handy if you need to look something up. (Which I do. Frequently.) But hey, everyone is a different kind of reader with different needs, right? There’s more info about the Kobo Arc right here.

This next item is available from Fishbowl patron, terra20. I had the opportunity to meet with House of Marley representatives at the store awhile back and Mark absconded with a pair headphones that was gifted to me. And I can understand why. The Stir It Up headphones have great sound quality and are really comfortable to wear. (So important when choosing headphones, right?)

Stir it Up headphones by House of Marley

One of the reasons these headphones are head and shoulders above the rest is their eco-friendly factor. Not only do they sound great, but it is the kind of purchase that feels great too. These headphones are designed and built with recyclable aluminum, FSC certified beech wood, and responsibly tanned leather and canvas. I love the idea of giving dad something that is a little kinder to the environment, don’t you?

Anyway, there you have it! Dad’s three favourite gadgets! I hope it helps out with your shopping… that is, if you have shopping left to do. :)

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