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02 Aug, 2013

Guest post: Darth Vader

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It’s guest post week here at the Fishbowl! Today’s post is by Dave Atkinson: writer, dad, homeschooler, and the Collective Wisdom parenting columnist on CBC Radio in the Maritimes. His blog is called Tomato Transplants and it always makes me smile. Dave’s last guest post STILL makes be laugh, and it’s been three years. Read it if you’d like a good chuckle.

Thank for your post today Dave! And if you can’t read the image clearly please click to embiggen.


Monday morning. In the kitchen. I am scraping peanut butter across the face of a slice of toast. Four-year-old Alice walks in.

Alice: Daaaad. Will you play a game with me?

Me: I’d love to, but I have to walk out the door in about a minute to go to work. What are the big kids up to?

She slumps in her chair.

Alice: They’re doing something.

She brightens.

Alice: I can play with Darth Vader!

She scurries from the room.


Darth Vader arrived in our lives a few weeks ago. He is the first imaginary friend in our house to last more than a few hours. According to Alice, he is very gentle, very funny, and always willing to play whatever Alice wants. They love to go for walks. Alice holds her hand in a tight fist — grasping the gloved, bio-mechanical hand of her new best friend.


Alice is pouting.

Me: What’s wrong?

Alice: It’s almost bedtime. Darth Vader has to go home.

Me: Would he like to sleep over?

Alice: For real?

I nod.

Alice: Yaaaaaay!


When Darth Vader first showed up, he was the guy Alice would play with when her big brother and sister were busy. But hanging out with a Sith lord gives this little sister a certain cred she’s never had before. Suddenly, she has a power to wield. She’s cool.


Alice heads towards the back door.

Henry: Where are you going?

Alice: (casually) Oh, just outside with Darth Vader.

Jane: What are you guys doing?

Alice shrugs.

Alice: Oh, you know. Just going to have some adventures.

She turns to leave. Henry and Jane look at each other.

Henry: Can we come?

Alice pauses a moment. She sighs.

Alice: Fine.

*note: I hate to make excuses, but my normal scanner is on the fritz. The one I used today somehow changed Jane’s red shirt and Alice’s purple shirt to pink. We don’t dress them as matching Barbies! I promise.

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2 Responses to "Guest post: Darth Vader"

1 | paula schuck

August 2nd, 2013 at 4:37 pm


Bwahahaha!! Love it. Cute cartoon too. Kids are pretty awesome in choosing their imaginary friends.

2 | Sarah

August 3rd, 2013 at 9:35 am


I woke up a grumpy pants this morning, but this definitely put a smile on my face.

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