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09 Nov, 2016

Make your own Remembrance Day poppy

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With a little bit of help, kids can make their own felt poppy brooches.

Poppy craft

November is the time of year to wear a poppy. Why not try making your own this year?* Not only is this an easy craft to do with the kids, but it’s a great opportunity to talk about the importance of Remembrance Day and the significance of wearing a poppy.

You will need:

  • red felt
  • black felt or black buttons
  • chalk
  • scissors
  • black thread and a needle
  • alligator clips
  • glue gun

You can make this craft in two different ways, either by gluing each layer of felt together or by sewing them together. We took the sewing route in order to get some button-sewing practice!

How to:

  1. 1) Using the chalk, trace three circles on the red felt in descending size. The largest should be about 2-3” in diameter. Don’t be afraid to freestyle it! Precision isn’t important here, in fact, it makes the finished product look nicer if the circles are a little bit uneven.
  2. 2) Thread the needle and sew the layers together, largest to smallest. This is great sewing practice, especially if you’ve used a black button for the centre of the poppy.
  3. 3) Glue the finished poppy to the alligator clip. That’s it! The poppy can be worn in the hair or clipped to a coat or sweater. Traditionally poppies are worn over the heart, as a symbol of our respect and gratitude to those who serve.

Pro tip: if you have the supplies, make extra poppies for friends and family, and wear them with pride on November 11.

Talking to kids about Remembrance Day

Children are never too young to learn about the sacrifices people have made for our country. Here are a few things families can talk about in the lead up to Remembrance Day:

  • Remembrance Day ceremonies honour veterans and soldiers who are serving today.
  • Remembrance Day is observed on November 11 because WWI officially ended at 11:00 am on November 11, 1918. This is called Armistice Day.
  • Why poppies? Red poppies covered the graves of the soldiers who were buried in France and Belgium during the Great War. The symbol of the poppy was immortalized in Flanders Fields, a poem written by John McCrae, a Canadian military doctor.

This article was originally published in Capital Parent Newspaper.

**We make our own but still donate our loonies and toonies! I’m currently sporting a crocheted poppy a friend of mine made and I love it.

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