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01 May, 2011

Back to Trail #26

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Yesterday we decided to return to Trail #26 within the Stony Swamp network. Last time we’d been there was in the winter for a jaunt on our skis.

It turned out to be an amazing little walk in the woods. You know what I like best about nature walks with kids? The total unpredictability. You never know what you’re going to see when you visit. Also: if you go this time of year there are no mosquitoes. This is a major bonus in my books.

The highlight for me was the coyote (!) we spotted. It wasn’t more than a 10-second sighting, but it was a huge thrill. (Fortunately Piper didn’t notice.)

Other, and notably less scary critters we saw included a shy little frog:

Frog spotting!

An itchy snowshoe hare. Check out those massive feet!

Snowshoe hare

Snowshoe hare

And of course, tons of birds. They are curious and comical. I could have stood there all day, just watching them.




Check out this photo of a little guy flicking his seed away. If you look closely you’ll see it hanging in mid-air! Not sure what that says about the quality of the seed we brought with us, but I think it is pretty cool nevertheless.. :)

We also saw ruins of an old homestead along the way. I sure would like to know who lived there.


… and a few uprooted trees. I guess they took a beating during the recent storms:

Uprooted tree

Thinking of venturing forth?

  • Check the NCC trail map before you go. (Links to large PDF file.) We parked at P11 and did trail #26.
  • Bring water, not just for yourself, but for your dog too.
  • Bring seeds! The birds will happily eat out of your hand.
  • Wear sturdy walking shoes and be prepared for some mucky spots. Parts of the trails are still pretty wet this time of year.
  • Cameras and binoculars are good things to bring too.
  • Many trails venture along wetlands and other sensitive animal habitats and are closed to dogs. Check the legend on the NCC map (linked above) to see which trails are dog-friendly. And always pick up after your dog!

2 Responses to "Back to Trail #26"

1 | binki

May 1st, 2011 at 7:04 pm


We were there in the morning….cleaning up with the NCC volunteers. So much garbage in such a nice place. Several bags full.

2 | a peek inside the fishbowl » Blog Archive There's no place like HOM - a peek inside the fishbowl

June 11th, 2023 at 3:32 pm


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