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18 Jul, 2012

Reno post #34 – more about the mudroom

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Oh my lord. I hardly know where to begin. There’s so much happening right now, and it’s all coming together so quickly I hardly know what to write about.

The interior is pretty much framed and the windows are going in next week. This means we are finally seeing what it’s all going to look like. One of the spaces that has been top of mind for me has been the new mudroom. Although it’s hard to tell, it’s in the far right corner of this photo.

I’ve written about the mudroom powder here before, as well as the organization of the mudroom itself. My original ideas haven’t changed too much and it’s so cool to see the sketches that we’ve been looking at for so long actually becoming reality.

There were a couple small surprises here. One of which was the fact that I didn’t give the contractor the depth of the PAX wardrobe we’re buying, so a beam had to be moved. (Note to self: I am an idiot.) (Second note to self: communicate ALL details in writing.)

The other surprise was an entrance in the mudroom itself, and I blame myself because I didn’t ask the questions. If you look at one of our original sketches (keep in mind this is not a final sketch, but I’m linking to it for reference) you’ll see that there are two slim walls that define the area right when you walk in from the outside. What I didn’t realize was that those two walls ended up being connected at the top in a doorway style. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I didn’t expect it but it actually works for that space. And it REALLY works with the design I envision for a side of that room. Which is sort of like this. (I was so excited to find that photo. The beadboard and the reclaimed wood bench? With the boots underneath? I think it’s amazing.)

What else is new? We are ordering this sink for the bathroom from Preston Hardware, which will be placed on a tiled counter. This is our opportunity to pick out a really neat tile, so I’m going to shop this around. I’m still looking for vanity options for that space and not having much luck. The toilet will be a Toto dual flush we found on sale at Astro. The floor, which will be the same throughout the mudroom and going into the bathroom, will be something like this Dark Bistre Marmoleum although I don’t know where we will be buying it just yet.

Anyway, yes. Exciting stuff! I can’t believe we’ve come so far already. It’s like a dream coming true.

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