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21 Jun, 2013

Welcome to a new patron: PercyVites! Invites that delight and excite!

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Our kids pretty much grew up with Arthur. He was in our living room so often (along with his little sister D.W. of course!) that he was practically a member of our family. And it wasn’t just Arthur on TV. We had stacks of Arthur books too. And Arthur toys!

So when it comes time to plan birthday parties, it’s easy to see how a favourite character can be made a part of the special day. Imagine being able to surprise your son or daughter with a personalized video birthday invitation… starring a favourite character like Johnny Test:

Now can you imagine a Johnny Test fan sending it to fellow fans? And being able to include a photograph of your child in it too? AND HELLO BELCHING PLANT! Sheer awesome. And you know what? Kids remember this kind of stuff! This is why I’m really excited to welcome a new and innovative patron to the Fishbowl today: PercyVites!


PercyVites lets you create cool personalized video invitations featuring your child’s favourite cartoon character. It’s a special little thing for the birthday girl or boy, but it’s more than that. It’s also a great way for mom (or dad, of course) to manage the RSVPs and other party details. For example, you can add invitees, communicate with them, provide maps, and more.

Read more about PercyVites on their website, and take a minute to watch the video for more info!

What else do you need to know… well:

  • Your child’s photo can be embedded directly into a video with their favourite character. And new characters are being added all the time and will appeal to a broad range of ages and stages.
  • Prices range from $0.69-$2.99 each depending on the individual character and product.
  • Invitations can be used for any type of event.
  • Thank yous can be used for any type of messaging, and they provide a fun and teachable moment about thanking people too.
  • Photo compilations can be used for birthdays or as a fun way to share your family photos with friends and relatives, near or far!

Myself: I really like the personalized video thank you. It’s short and sweet, and keeping to the party theme!

Pretty fun right? And Arthur’s coming soon! :)

PercyVites is on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Follow them on your preferred social media channel for inside scoop, news about character releases, and helpful party-related tidbits as well.

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