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17 Mar, 2015

Junior Environmental Ambassadors: Four Fun Activities for Kids! (a guest post)

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Hello Fishies! I’m doing something new at the Fishbowl this week. I’ve asked my amazing Fishbowl patrons to each write a post on a topic that is important to the parenting community. This one is by Erin Forget of terra20.

We’ve put together some awesome activities designed to teach kids that caring for the environment is not just important but rewarding and a way of living that is healthier and more sustainable.

1.) Make an Earth Day jar for all year!

Cut strips of scrap paper and use them to write down some simple Earth-friendly activities that kids can do. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Make a sock puppet from a singleton sock
  • Help Mom make a healthy dinner from local ingredients
  • Get eco-crafty with the garden signs. See these adorable ideas!

Store these fun projects in a recycled jar, and choose one activity every week or month – it’s up to you!

2.) Birds of a feather

Birds help spread seeds of various plants, aiding bio diversity and they also boost tree growth by up to 30% by eating parasites and damaging insects. Attract birds to your backyard by making your own birdfeeder from a recycled plastic bottle and some twigs or old wooden spoons. (See instructions here.) Or it can be as simple as applying peanut butter to a pine cone and rolling it in bird seed.

3.) Speak up for the planet

Encourage older children to start an eco-blog – on their own or with classmates – packed with tips, ideas, crafts and facts. Children learn to express their opinions, as well as devise new ways to be environmental stewards. (Be sure to review these safety tips first!)

4.) Get them involved

The best way to help youngsters grow to be environmentally conscious is to get them involved in school and community activities. Kids can:

  • Work with classmates and teachers to promote a school litterless lunch campaign.
  • Start a WWF-Canada student club.
  • Organize a park or neighbourhood cleanup with adults.
  • Join the youth Change the World movement.
  • Write letters to local and national politicians expressing their concerns about current environmental issues, or become involved with local advocacy groups such as Citizens for Safe Cycling.

Thank you Erin! These are great things to do over March Break, or anytime for that matter!

p.s. You can read other guest posts right here!

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