Giveaway alert: spending money from terra20, Ottawa’s eco store

I’m very excited to be posting this giveaway from Fishbowl patron, terra20!

I’ve written about terra20 before, it’s an eco-friendly retailer here in Ottawa. They have two locations in Ottawa – Pinecrest near the Ikea and Wellington West – and have an online store as well. Have you been? If not, there is no better time to check it out because (a) you could win $$ and (b) Earth Day is coming up and terra20 has planned all kinds of things to help celebrate.

On Saturday, April 19, terra20 will host a family-oriented pre-Earth Day event from noon-4:00 p.m. at the Pinecrest store. Everyone is invited to come and take part in the festivities.

Kids will love the fun activities that will teach them a few small ways that we can all make a difference. Special activity stations include colouring on locally produced plantable seed paper (plant it later and watch it grow!), composting demos, non-toxic mini manicures, healthy snack preparation demos and snacks, and an upcycling education station where guests will learn the stories behind some of terra20′s most innovative and waste-reducing brands and products.

And here’s something really cool: terra20 is also collecting previously loved sweaters throughout the month of April, and sending them to Toronto company Cate + Levi to make adorable upcycled puppets. Anyone who brings in a sweater will receive a coupon to redeem on the special batch of puppets that will be created from the terra20-collected sweaters. (And if they’re anything like the ones they have in the store now I can tell you THEY WILL BE ADORABLE.)

To help YOU try something new and become better acquainted with all the great products terra20 has on the shelf, they’ve given me one $100 gift card to give to one lucky recipient.

Interested? Please read the following carefully:

  • In order for your entry to qualify, tell us, in honour of Earth Day, what you do to tread a little lighter on the planet. Do you pack litterless lunches? Bring your own mug to the coffee shop? Collect water in a rain barrel? Let us know in the comments below!
  • For a second entry, take a look through the terra20 website. If you want, you can leave a second comment telling us what you might buy with your gift card. Leave a link so we can see what it is!
  • This giveaway is void where prohibited by law.
  • The winner of this giveaway must pick up their gift card at terra20 in a timely manner at the location of their choice (Pinecrest or West Wellington).
  • If you can’t post your comment for whatever reason you can email it to me for posting at andrea at quietfish dot com. Please note, I cannot be responsible if your entry is misdirected or gets stuck in my Spam folder.

I will draw one name using at noon EST on April 17, 2014. I’ll contact the winner via email at that time. That’s it! Over to you!

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  1. I don’t this has ever happened before… but the winner according to is commenter #87 – Nicola – the VERY last person to enter. :)

    Congratulations Nicola! I’ll be sending you an email ASAP.

    Have a great weekend everyone, and a big thank you to terra20 for hosting this fantastic giveaway.

  2. For my second entry: I’d love some extra metal lunch containers, as I’m trying to phase out the plastics wherever possible…

  3. I turn the furnace down a lot when we are out and at night, and have been explaining the “lights off as you leave the room” thing to my son. I am also a big believer in litterless school lunches, composting, and the three “Rs” (including re-using recyclables for kids crafts first).

  4. We have a rain barrel in the front yard, two composters in the back yard. Our gargage is down to one small bag every week. We buy shampoos, cleaners and laundry soap that are eco friendly. We walk and cycle everywhere. We buy organic and hormone free meat and vegetables. We shop at our local farmer’s market. We do a litterless lunch – using glass containers.

  5. I coordinate the recycling program at my school with a team of students including black box, blue box and compost. We are having litterless lunches for Earth Day.

  6. Four our second entry: we would probably use the gift certificate to splurge on cleaning products from the ecobar!

  7. I try to do everything I can to help keep Mother Earth green and clean – litterless lunches, composting, recycling, 5 min. showers, eco-friendly beauty and home products, and walking/cycling as often as I can. I also teach my kids along the way how important it is that we do as much as we can now.

  8. In honor of Earth day, and everyday, I recycle, pack re-usable containers, travel mug and light candles in the evening to conserve electricity.

    This year, my friends and I played board games but candle light during Earth Hour (and for well past it) and it was so much fun!

  9. We do the usual with lights, saving water etc… but some of the things I’m most proud of is we have a Nest thermometer which is “smart” and adjusts and helps us the save energy. We also get our energy through Bullfrog Power – they put green energy into the grid!

    I’m a huge fan of terra20 and a few months ago ditched all of my makeup and cleaning products in favour of eco friendly and natural brands from terra20. I’d use the gift card to stock up on cleaning products like this from the ecobar:

    and this cleanser is awesome:


  10. I’d love a gift card for terra20! We recycle and use our green bin as much as possible. I love using a rain barrel in the warmer months for watering the garden.

  11. Entering for the $100 gift card! Our family uses cloth diapers and cloth wipes for our babies, helping to reduce the disposable diapers and disposable “wet ones” in the landfills.

  12. I try to do my part. I use cloth bags for all of my shopping, nalgene bottles for liquids, I recharge all of my electronics with my portable solar panel, I walk or bike everywhere (except in winter when I take the bus). I recycle, even taking things my coworkers have thrown out and putting them in the appropriate bins at our workplace. I keep a reusable mug in my backpack, and another at work, and I do litterless lunches as well. Oh, and I love the Terra20 refill station!!

  13. I like many of the things at this store, so if I won a gift card, I’d go looking for something I don’t normally buy. I love those puppets. And I saw some placemats the other day that I quite liked. We’re placemat and cloth napkin people and could use some new matching ones.

  14. I’m trying to think of something unusual that others haven’t already said! I have my own little bin at work for compost (including Kleenex that I go through a lot due to allergies). Then I dump it into the bigger compost bin at work (so glad they have one!). I also nag the guys I work with, especially when I see them throw coffee cups into the garbage!

    We print a lot (one sided) due to the testing that we do, so I take it all home for the kids to use in drawing, crafts, etc. Their friends have gotten used to home-made cards with odd stuff on one side, LOL.

  15. I would by all the Anointment products for my sister who is expecting. Starting off right!! I may also get a Matt&Nat handbag for me :-)

  16. I try to do everything possible. Litterless lunches, unending hounding on composting and recycling everything possible, and using eco-friendly products (LOVE the cleaning products I get at Terra20)

  17. We garden at a local community garden and ride our bikes everywhere in the summer, use rain barrels in the yard, compost, recycle and (almost always :) pack litter less lunches.

  18. I try to be as environmentally-conscientious as possible. I have a huge wooden composter, two big rain barrels, a green bin, and I recycle faithfully. I also try to avoid getting plastic bags at the grocery store (even when I forget to bring my own bags and have to awkwardly carry an armful of groceries to my car lol). And, of course, I try to careful about not leaving lights on, keeping the heat low in the house, not using A/C in the summer if it can be avoided…

  19. We compost and use our blue and black bins, try not to buy too many overpackaged products, use re-useable containers for the kids’ lunches, and I use a re-useable mug for my coffee at work. I also don’t throw out things that are in good-enough condition that they can be donated for re-use (we donated our old kitchen cabinets to Habitat for Humanity last year, for example – the buyer got cheap cabinets, H4H got the $ to support its programs, and we got a tax receipt, all while keeping the cabinets out of the landfill).

  20. If I was lucky enough to win I think I’d spring for a Loko Sport or Prana Yoga top and some of the fabulous cosmetics that are sold at Terra – I want to reduce my thumbprint in more ways than just recycling – to not harm animals or use junky byproducts which cause pollution either!

  21. I try hard to keep the earth clean and green – a few years ago in university I started to carry my travel mug with me to class so that I didn’t have to buy a coffee every day – it started out as a way to save some $$ but then I realized I was also cutting down on cups going in the garbage too. So now I intentionally leave my mug in my car’s cup holder so that I won’t forget it when I leave for work and it will be with me every day to use….small I know, but every little change counts right?! :)

  22. I generally try my best to pack litterless lunches – my only downfall is single-serve yogurts. I can’t quit my Oikos! We’ve composted for years, even before the city started, and I’ve had some lovely soil from our bin that my orchids absolutely adore. I’ve also started taking the bus to work! I used to carpool, but I’ve since changed jobs and I’m taking the big OC to work every day now :)

  23. In addition to litterless lunches (we love to use tin tiffins for lunch packing) and walking to school, we use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning and have tried to replace all appliances with energy saving versions. We just replaced our hot water tank with a tankless system. All very glamorous things; I would love a chance to get some fun items at terra20!

  24. Family biking and lots less car use at our house! We also started unplugging things when we don’t use them. My 15 year old scolded me for leaving my phone charger plugged in when I was not charging! I love all the make up at Terra 20 – I need a spring shopping spree!

  25. Funny you should ask, we just finished off the requirements for the Scouts Recycling badge: buy second hand, share clothes when they’re too big/too small, recycle paper, metals and plastics through the city, take electronics to the special recycling depots, use both sides of paper and lots of scraps for notes, planting pots, and creative projects, use metal sandwich containers for lunch, walk to school, use public transportation, give old eye glasses away to organizations who reuse them, support Parkdale Food Centre by sharing our bounty, collecting egg cartons and glass and plastic containers for reuse, volunteer in the community, created and maintained Ottawa’s second, unregistered little library (on Oxford, between Pinehurst and Parkdale), reuse yarn and thread bits for bird’s nest fodder, use Purple Urchin products, use cloth bags.

    If we win, well, I would see what other products they might have to support our efforts. At the very least, I’d stock-up on my Purple Urchin collection.

  26. I don’t have a rain barrel, because my coop doesn’t have rain gutters, but I do use my reusable mug every single day (if I don’t have it with me, I don’t get to buy a coffee!), and I bike throughout most of the year despite having a car. I save the car for grocery shopping and trips. Eventually, we’ll get a vrtucar membership, once my kiddo is out of car seats.

  27. We recycle, use the green bin, buy consignment clothes and toys, and try to use recycled parts and bits for crafts my son likes to do. I also use some green cleaning products, but would like to use more. We also try to do litterless lunches, and reusable coffee and water bottles for work.

  28. We use our green and recycling bins like crazy! There are only two of us in our household and we may only put a bag of garbage out one a month! Love it!

  29. We do some stuff as a family (litterless lunches, bringing our own bags everywhere, eco cleaning products) but we can always do more. I love going to Terra to get new ideas & inspiration.

  30. We have switched to cfl lights (and now switching to LEDs as the old ones wear out). We’ve done a lot of work to reduce energy consumption both through making sure all of our computer components are low energy (we have a software company so lots of computers!) and improving insulation/windows etc

    I aim for litterless lunches and low packaging items at the store.

    We compost and we have rain barrels. But honestly we could tread a lot lighter!

  31. Hi – we have recently switched out most of our lightbulbs to LEDS and I’ve started some seedlings for my vegetable gardens from some seeds saved from last year from heirloom plants.

  32. If I won $100 gift card, I’d likely buy some toys for the kids and maybe some litterless lunch items for the entire family to upgrade from the random plastic containers we have now.

  33. We try as much as we can and are constantly looking for new things to do.

    Compost, recylce, litterless lunches, upcycle items where we can, sometimes buy used items instead of new, we try to walk when the weather and time permits for groceries, the kids and I bike to work/school and more!

    So much more we can do!

  34. We only use LED light bulbs, and turn them off when not in use.
    We don’t let water run when we are brushing our teeth.
    We hang as much laundry as we can to dry.
    Litterless lunches – all the way!
    Compost – even though I cannot stand the smell of the container – gross.
    Recycle – everywhere we go. :)

    Every little thing counts, right?

  35. we use rain barrels to water our veggie garden. I’ve never been to terra20, would love an excuse to check it out, thanks for the chance!

  36. love terra20! we have reusable lunch bags from there (various sizes) and other lunch box items (containers, water bottles, cute little cutlery set!). I also bought a humidifier there this winter – it was great! And I’m an Ecobar user!

    I could easily spend $100 at terr20! I think I would try their Zoku makers – the pop pan looks cute!

    There’s a hand crème from Brazil I want to try but can’t find the link!

    And I could easily splurge on a cute upcycled item.

    Ohhhh I hope I win!!! :)

  37. We participate in earth hour each year and enjoy family games during that time. We always bring our own lunches, we do not hold plastics in our house and we garden (love recycling the water with the rain barrels), recycle as much as we can and clean with terra20 Ecobar products

    With the GC, I’d stock up more on the ecobar
    As well, as I love the roll on perfumes.. even though this is not exactly the one i’d get, here’s an idea

  38. Well, I like to bring my own lunch to work and I recycle and compost regularly. And I yell at my hubby and kids to do the same all the time. That helps right, yelling, ya I thought so. :)

  39. Hmm, let’s see, we do the litter less lunches, green bin every week, public library books for bedtime reading, re-purpose old clothing and other materials into craft supplies, the backside of printer paper and notes home from school become grocery list or drawing paper, clean the house with baking soda and vinegar instead of cleaning products…

  40. I plan to finally get a super awesome container garden going for my yardless urban home. I always pack litterless lunches and use my thermos for coffees :)

  41. If I won, I would out it towards beauty supplies: live clean apple cider shampoo and more Daniel Thompson supplies.

  42. We have been working on trying to reduce our food waste and also shop smarter in terms of packaging. Every bit helps.

  43. As for what I’d buy, I love the John Masters beauty products (the pomegranate oil in particular) and a new Zuzu lippy for spring.

  44. We try to bike most places or take the bus where and when possible (I don’t bike in the winter); litter-less lunches; try to avoid buying over-packaged products at the store (those lettuces in plastic domes drive me crazy); reusable grocery bags; re-purpose old sweaters into crafts; clean less frequently (for environmental reasons, not out of laziness or dislike of cleaning!), etc.

  45. Earth Day is a wonderful day and one we keep in mind every day. We hang dry all clothes year round (indoor and out), use rain barrels, turn our furnace down when out for the day, and always make litterless lunches for school and work. No excuses!

  46. As for what I would buy at terra20 – the list is so long. They have a really nice street number sign in store that I’ve been eyeing for a while (couldn’t find it online). There was also a beautiful Matt and Nat purse I saw the last time I was in. And I really want to try their lavender mint hand and body wash – because I’m always looking for good hand soap in large containers (I hate having to buy a new container every time I want hand soap)!

  47. We try and do a lot of different things to be good to the planet. But with two little ones, one of our biggest efforts is to keep our toy consumption low and to get used whenever possible.

  48. We grow our own vegetables and fruit, we have 3 rain barrels, we hang our laundry to dry, we try to do litterless lunches as much as possible, I take the bus to work, and we compost/recycle like crazy. Oh, and I also use chemical-free makeup and cleaning products. One area we need to work on is our plastics – I seem to end up with WAY too many plastic bags and plastic waste. Something’s gotta change there!!

  49. I recycle, use my green bin, I try to use biodegradable plastic bags for my trash, and I take the bus / do not drive!

  50. If I won the gift card, I would buy more containers for litter less lunches. Or, I’m hoping to convert our creams, shampoos, etc to more Skin friendly options, especially since we suffer from eczema (so the fragrances etc are hard on us).

  51. For Earth Day last year, I went out and bought washable cloth napkins for the dinner table. We make our own granola bars for snacks, so no more plastic wrappers. Our lunches are litter less. We shop for toys and kids clothes at consignement stores. We use Eco friendly cleaning products and cloths. WE LOVE TERRA 20!!

  52. I do what i can! Use reusable shopping bags. Faithfully, put the green bin at the curb each week (as well as the black and blue bins); use refillable water bottles instead of buying cases of water; turn out the lights when i leave a room; use as little litter in my daughter’s lunch as possible. It is fun to challenge myself!

  53. Our family ties to tread lightly all the time (litterless lunches, walking to school, rain barrels, recycling, meatless dinners, carpooling). For Earth day, I’ll try to go electronics free and try not to use our van as much as possible as well as getting our garden ready to plant all my veggie and fruit and flower seedlings I’ve been growing. Can’t wait for the harvest again this year!

  54. I just LOVE Terra 20! We try and pack litterless lunches, use eco-friendly Terra 20 cleaning products, and get the refills whenever possible avoiding extra packaging!

  55. One thing I’m doing lately is trying to use the library as much as possible. I used to always buy something if I wanted it, but now I try to borrow – and the library has all sorts of things worth borrowing, not just books. It amazes me that this free resource is right there for the taking – and so easy!

  56. My 4 yr old son has two “nutrional breaks” at school instead of a lunch break. We pack everything in re-usable containers – never using sandwich baggies or saran wrap. He asked why the other kids “get to have baggies” and I explained that we are doing our part to keep the planet cleaner. He’s proud to tell his friends that now!

  57. We do all the usual things turn out lights, recycle, litter less lunches, but this will be our second year vegetable gardening in our backyard and using a rain barrel to water our garden.